View Full Version : Fuming!!!!

06-27-2010, 12:41 AM
2 Members were delivering some rescued turtles to their new homes further east today. Somehow they got a Baby Raccoon (they were too riled up to explain the whole story so I don't know where/how they got the little thing).. Anyways, they took the baby coon to the Rehabilitater that 1 of the members worships like a god & thinks everyone else is wrong (we're actually right, which is really sad in all cases)...

So they arrived at her front door with the baby coon. The lady told them to take it out back & shoot it.

... insert a lot of cussing here ...

... insert a LOT more curring here ...

Well obviously, the 2 members (sorry I wont post their names) were NOT going to harm the baby coon, even though they are like the plague in our city. But all Native Species deserve a second chance to survive in the wild.

Thats the whole point of what we do. We can't discriminate from Native Species to Native Species.

Anyways, the baby coon is SAFE in our hands. The MNR will be contacted asap so the little thing can go into the proper hands. They picked it up some food so our members will feed it, so no worries there.

They will be putting in a huge complaint about that lady as it's illegal to do what she did & more illegal to allow non-registered people to have a Native Species in their care. She'll loose her licence for sure & deserves it to be lost, what she did was sick!!