View Full Version : Update on Heidi living in the cities

05-28-2010, 01:05 PM
Hi everyone! I just thought that I would update you on how Heidi is doing since we have moved to the city since getting married (i got married not her ;) ). She is doing well! She is actually adjusting better than me! We are living in a townhome, which she finds frustrating at time i think because we have such a small yard and she doesn't like to go the bathroom in the same spot again (which is extremely difficult because we dont have a big yard), even though I pick up her dropping and such. Is that normal? Does anyone else have that same problem? She is soooo picky where she goes the bathroom. She is very healthy, and the vets are all very impressed with how well she looks and acts for being a 7 year old dog. Her and Michael are still adjusting to e ach other. he's not used to big dogs, and shes not used to his weirdness yet. haha. :) I just wanted to let you know that the move has been well, and I want to get her involved in agility again and visiting nursing homes, I justh aven't really had the time to figure out which one is best. What is the best way of figuring out which place is the best for training/agility etc? There are SOOOO many down here! She has also been enjoying looking for the mice and gophers that frequent our yard/step area. :)