View Full Version : Axle is getting a new pond this evening!!! :D

05-11-2010, 03:52 PM
Its an above ground plastic stock tank. My supers & I are picking it up for about 6pm. I'm so excited!! I'm so glad he'll have a pond again, as cleaning the tub really sucks after a while LOL

The MNR (prov. government) are coming over on the week of the 17th to check on him, & to help me get him registered... FINALLY! I'm glad this guy actually answers his phone, unlike the other people I've called a million times... Once he's registered, I can put him into our Turtle Educational Program, WOOT!!

Marc (owner of the rescue/educational programs) keeps saying "If they send you to Prison I'm not visiting" *giggles*... meanie :P :D
No I can't go to Prison over him, I was underage when I committed the Fed. Offence :P <-Having Axle's Species is Illegal in Canada.

05-11-2010, 04:06 PM
How exciting! I am sure he will love it!

05-11-2010, 04:39 PM
I wont be able to set it up until tomorrow, but he can't go in it right now anyways. He's in season & has to be securely locked up for his & our safety. Once his hormones calm down he'll be able to go in it (another week or so, he's been semi calm for a week). My friend is going to help me build a nice looking box to go around the pond & it'll have a secure lid, so when he goes into season I wont have to keep him locked up in a tote... I hate keeping him in there like this :( I'm just glad his personal seasons don't last all that long.

Boys LOL

I'll take pics when its set up as I turned the Dinning Room into my Critter Room, so all the Tarantulas wont be in Trevor's face. Hes not fond off them, but doesn't hate them & knows I'll have more over the years. Its a compromise we've made :love:

05-23-2010, 07:10 PM
Congrats on your new home Axle! We need some pictures!