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04-17-2010, 11:04 AM
This is probably the last lesson my dad will be taking me to for a while, so I promise I'll stop bugging you with pictures and videos after that haha.

But...I had an AWESOME ride on Brooke! We kind of..er...I kind of failed at jumping (as you'll see) but our flatwork was amazing. We rode outside for the first time all year and Brooke was the best! We worked a lot on transitions...walk-halt-trot-walk-canter-trot-walk-canter-halt-walk-canter...change direction and do some more! haha but it was a lot of fun! Brooke was a little full of herself today and bucked a few times when I asked her to canter but they were baby bucks and after that she cantered like a good girl.

We kept the jumps low (2'3" I think) cause of Brooke's sudden energy...but the way my trainer was talking made me think that perhaps I might be raising the jumps a little sometime this summer. I did jump a few 2'6" jumps...but they were a combination so they had to be 2'6" so she could get the right striding. Buut...I could finally be going somewhere, after kind of sitting in a rut for the past year and a half!

ALSO - my dad took pictures. Without my prompting. XD

Halting (cutie horse in the background of all these is Twiggy - she is adorable!)

Trotting...dunno what Brooke's looking at haha

Cantering by...ignore my *ehem* interesting position

I *think* cantering the other way

Walking into the arena to jump

Here we are cantering outside...I dunno what exactly my hands are doing bahaha.

aaanad...my massive jumping failures.

My dad didn't record it...but Brooke did this amazing bunny hop thing...out of nowhere all four legs were just off the ground. Then we just cantered off to our next fence like nothing happened bahahaha. It was weird!

Enjoy :)

04-18-2010, 10:22 PM
Looks like a fun day!:D

04-19-2010, 10:17 AM
:) Very Nice Very Nice.. Hey I really like your pics & videos of your riding.. Post all you want.. Your a very good rider..