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03-06-2010, 07:58 PM
A neighbor of of ours,who our family has known for over 55 years had a stroke yesterday,was taken to hospital,put on oxygen,was taken,half of the brain not functioning,may be a manner of time a day or two,very sad.

03-06-2010, 09:05 PM
Fritz03, I am sorry to read about your neighbor. My mom passed away from a stroke 8 years ago & she hung in there for 17 days after her stroke. She was a fighter & a candid for therapy. You just never know what the human spirit can do. Good thoughts & prayers sent your neighbors way.

03-07-2010, 04:48 PM
Our neighbor passed away this morning at 4,he was 78.His wife was sent home at 2,she wasn't feeling well so wasn't there he passed away,the kids were there.No word on when the funeral is.

03-07-2010, 06:17 PM
May he rest in peace.

Pawsitive Thinking
03-08-2010, 08:33 AM
God bless him and his family

03-08-2010, 04:21 PM
I am sorry to read of your loss, Barry. Please extend my sympathies to your mom as well.

Oh, and hugs to Fritz, just because.

03-08-2010, 07:11 PM
My deepest sympathy to his family and all who love him. May he rest in peace.