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01-23-2010, 12:00 PM
Ed has a new game that I think is based in some kind of time travel/bending space and all that physics stuff.

There is a common belief that with the proper equipment/science you can travel across space and time by bending space.

To illustrate this idea?

Take a sheet of paper and lay it flat on a desk. The paper represents space. If you want to get from one corner on the sheet to another you have to cross the whole sheet of paper.

If you pick up the paper and place the corners you chose together? You bypass the space in between - no long trip in between?

Got it? So in theory, you don't have to waste time taking the long way to where you want to go.


How does a cat prove this theory?

I love to sleep on the floor next to the fireplace during the cold weather snaps. Ed has his spots staked out too!

He'll sleep on the couch, the recliner back or seat.......

Sometimes during the night, as the fire burns down, he will climb on my side and fall asleep there.

It's a gradual thing and I don't know he's there until i wake up.

That's until last night.

Ed has conquered time travel.:rolleyes:

Remember the piece of paper?

Ed, instead of climbing off the couch and onto my sleeping form on the floor?

HE JUMPS ACROSS THE VOID, bypassing the time it takes to climb off, across and on me.

HE has never done this before. It's happened twice in the last two days.

To my surprise! I was laying there and all of a sudden? A 15 pound, time traveling cat suddenly appears on top of me. His appearance knocks the wind out of me, surprises me and is pretty stunning.

I love science and the goofy experiments that prove theories, but this is definitely one that I can do without.

But hey, who said animals weren't smart?:eek:;):rolleyes:

01-23-2010, 04:30 PM
Richard Our Cats have been very mystical.
When I am unpacking a Deli Chicken Or Ribs they dont have to run down the stairs , they just suddenly materialize as if Scotty had beamed them down.:love::love::cool:
Beam us down Mr Scott were hungreee!!!:cool::cool::cool:

Laura's Babies
01-23-2010, 05:40 PM
You guys are SO funnnnnnieeee!