View Full Version : bunny smells

10-02-2002, 02:18 PM
Hi everyone, just had a question. When I got Katie a lot fo people were saying that Bunnies really stink. I have not noticed Katie to stink and was wondering if other people's bunnies stink and where do people get the idea that they do?

I figure it is like a cat as long as you keep their litterbox clean they shouldn't smell.

10-02-2002, 07:46 PM
Rabbits are clean animals and do not smell. They don't have stong scent glands like a male mouse or ferret do. They can even be litter trained because they tend to like to go in one corner. So the fact that your bunny does not smell is perfectly normal.

10-03-2002, 09:46 AM
Jenluckenbach is correct, bunnies, as a rule, do not smell. There is no way I would have 8 bunnies indoor bunnies if there was an odor problem. My guess is whoever said that either did not change the litter boxes frequently enough (in the hot summer I will do it twice a day!!!) Also spayed/neutered bunnies urine is less strong because they are not trying to attract mates.

I will admit that I have a chronically ill elderly bunny who unfortunately sits in her pee. so she gets a butt bath about ev 2 weeks. It's not clear if she has some arthritis going on or is just lazy, but she is one of the sweetest little girls I've ever had and I put up with her problem because I'm not sure how much time she has left. She is a cuddler so I just wrap her up in a bath towel when we are having conversations or nap time. She is definitely worth the work. ;)