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09-27-2002, 08:25 AM
i have two budgies, one male (rocket) and one female (sky). rocket is very outgoing. he loves to play or peck at my fingers. (we don't let them out of the cage.) but sky is a different story. anytime you go near the cage, she makes a dash to the back and crouches down. we can't pet her because she just moves away and she's afraid of everything...she won't even take baths. any advice on how to get her to be more social? they're almost 2 years old...thanks :)

09-27-2002, 09:17 PM
Have you had your birds since they were babies? If not maybe something happened to Sky before you got her that made her fearful. We have had our parakeet for a little more than a year now and it does take time and patience to get them used to handling. Since I clean the cage and put in the food and water everyday the bird is more comfortable with me and lets me pet him etc. My husband on the other hand is fine for the bird to talk to and whistle at but the bird always tries to peck at his hands! Another way you can get your bird to bathe is to use a small mist bottle and give him a gentle shower with it. That is what we do since our bird was too shy to use the bathtub we got him. Just give her time and she should get used to you. Good luck!:)

09-28-2002, 04:09 PM
Its important to take your birds out of the cage and handle them to get them to trust you. You will need to have their wings clipped before you start taming them. You will need to take them out, hold them gently, talk to them gently, and then return them to their cage everyday to help them gain confidence in you. Parakeets are relatively easy to tame compared to other birds, and I have actually tamed some of them in just a few hours (they were very young though). Also, after holding and talking to your birds gently, put them on the ground and let them explor their surroundings to get used to you and being out of their cage. If they bite you may want to use a glove or small towel to hold them. If they seem to be stressed out, put them back immediately. They will learn with time. One thing is DO NOT hold them tightly. Be very gentle, and hold them gently so that they cannot suffocate, but also firm enough so that they cannot squeeze out of your hand. Parakeets are very tiny so its hard to get a good grip of them. LOL! Good luck and keep us updated!

09-30-2002, 03:08 PM
thanks a lot guys.:)
vermontcat- yes, i have had them both since they were babies. we got them at the pet store two years ago in december, so they have always been with us. after having the birds for half a year, they were used to us and everything was fine, but then we went on a short vacation and left the birds with my grandmother, who took care of them. when we went to pick them up again, they were shy around us again. do you think this could have affected them? and one time, i was cleaning the cage and sky got scared and flew out. (she doesn't have her wings clipped.) she hit almost every window and door on the main floor and even managed to make it to the top of high furniture. it took about 20 minutes to actually catch her. :eek:
popcornbird- i was planning on taming the birds and even thought of teaching them tricks, but my mom refuses to let them out of the cage and doesn't want their wings clipped, so i guess that's out of the picture.
i pet and try to play with rocket daily because he isn't afraid, but sky is, so i don't. should i try to anyway?
thanks for the advice, much appreciated. :D

09-30-2002, 05:20 PM
I don't know why your mom doesn't want to let them out of the cage. I personally think it is cruelty to confine birds to a small cage. Its like someone locking us in our small bedroom for the rest of our life. What a sad life we would have. :( For my birds, the cage is nothing but a bedroom and a dining room, used for nothing but to sleep and eat/drink. If they are not sleeping or not eating, they are almost never in the cage. Their cage door is open at all times so they are free to go in and out as they like. We only lock them in the cage when we are not at home, for their own safety, but that is usually just for 3 hours at the most. If we forget to unlock their cage in the morning, they bang their head against the door and cry to make us open it. You should really convince your mom to let them out of the cage. Tell her its important for their health and mind. They need exercise and they need the freedom they deserve. If she doesn't want to clip their wings, many birds do well out of their cage with unclipped wings. My friend's parakeets know exactly when to turn and where and they enjoy flying around the house a lot. They never crashed into walls and windows once they learned the directions of the home. If their wings won't be clipped, its important they be under supervision while out of the cage, for their own safety. Even if you choose to keep them locked in the cage (which I wouldn't do) at least give the 2-3 playtimes in the day in which you let them out to play, exercise, and have fun. I personally think your birds can never be the true companion and friend waiting to get out and love you, if it is never getting the chance. Birds are very friendly and loving pets, and they become great companions, but they need to be interacted with, and allowed out of the cage for them to show you, what great pets they really are. Give your birds the freedom they deserve and keep an eye out for hazards (open windows, doors, ceiling fans, kitchen hot stoves/oven, open toilets, chemicals, etc.) if you allow them to "fly" in the house. The safest way to provide them with freedom is to clip their wings. I've only clipped my birds' wings twice in the 3 years I have them because they got so used to roaming the house of foot, that they don't fly at all now anyway. They don't like to fly and even when they want to get off the sofa, or some high furniture, they call me for help. :rolleyes: Lazy little birds. LOL! :D If I don't help them, they end up flying down, but they act like they are scared to fly.

10-01-2002, 02:46 PM
i appreciate your concern for the birds, but there is no way my mom would change her mind. besides, we have a pretty big house and their little budgies. it would be hard to track them down. i understand how you feel- in fact, i have made a decision that when i get my own home, i will get some cockatiels and let them out of the cage. i know it might sound cruel, but they've gorwn up in the cage, and might probably just be scared of the outside now. anyways, nothing will change. to each its own
thanks anyway..

10-01-2002, 04:15 PM
What room do you keep your birds in ? Is there a smaller room with a door you can close that you can use to train the birds to fly around in. We try to exercise our bird in the bathroom where it is a smaller space and easier to catch. I know how moms can be since I am one too. If she says the birds need to stay in the cage then that is what you have to do. Maybe you can try to finger train the birds while they are in the cage and then show her what they can do?
Popcornbird, just like some cats are indoors only and others are indoor/outdoor, some birds will be ok if they are safer in their cage (like if there are also cats and dogs in the house). Your birds are very lucky to have you as their owner and have so much freedom.:)

10-02-2002, 03:37 PM
we keep them in the living room so they are in a social area. my cousins have a bird, but keep it in the basement. they still care for it but the bird is always afraid when strangers walk by its cage. poor thing. :(
anyways, thanks for all the suggestions, but i can't let them out of the cage, nor let them out to train. i still play little hand games with them and stuff, but thats all im able to do. :rolleyes:

10-02-2002, 03:49 PM
That is sad, Primabella. My Cockatiels need to have their wings clipped right now, as a matter of fact, but they are isolated in their own room, and when I open the doors of their cage to let them out to stretch and bathe, I turn off the ceiling fan, and close the door, so they are safely away from the dogs and cats. And many times, Helen and I just go in the room and spend time with them.

Your Parakeets will never become socialized if they are not allowed outside their cages. :(