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09-23-2002, 03:46 PM
I just thought I would share some ideas about rat toys that you can make &/or buy and was wondering if others had ideas!

My rat cages are filled w/ toys and I alternate toys every week when I clean the cages so they do not get bored w/ the same ones. Some ideas I have come up w/:

I make hammocks out of old hand/dish towels & sleves to sweatshirts or old sweatshirt hoods.

Have those dog rope toys hanging in there so they can climb or perch on them.

Sticks as perches.

Bird toys (I buy some & make some that are similar) made w/ leather & rope strings (sometimes knotted &/or braided to give different thickness & texture), wooden spools & large beads, thick leather shapes.

Plastic cat &/or ferrett balls some w/ bells in them.

Happy meal toys (check to make sure there are no tiny parts that can hurt your ratties if disconected).

Dryer vent tunnells to crawl through (make sure no sharp edges)

Wicker baskets hanging for little beds & hide-outs.

Of course paper towel & t.p. rolls as well as cardboard boxes.

Food toys:

Raw pasta strung up on ropes

Meat bones to chew on (leg bones used as perches and hollow marrow bones hung up & filled w/ treats like yogurt, cream cheese etc..)

Dog buiscuts strapped to side of the cage (like a salt wheel is)

Ok that is what I can think of now but when I get home I will look to see what I missed as I know they have more toys than that.

Aspen and Misty
09-25-2002, 05:10 PM
My rats enjoy there large soccer ball. It is about the size of a tennis ball. They like to pus hit aroudn the cage. My rat Melony likes to arrange thigns in a line. LIke line up all the balls in on corner and line up all the jumpers in another. My rats all time fav toy though is this little jumper things I got for my cats who didn't like them. My rats just LOVE them. Hee hee. I also treid hanging rops form the top of there cage. THey don't seem to be to interested. My rats don't liek the usual rat toys. I have tried everything but they are picky. THey need to learn how to do puzzles LOL. That would keep them intertained :D