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12-15-2008, 02:37 PM

A survey firm I do surveys for asked members to send in random acts of kindness they had committed.

Have a look.

Are there any you have done - or received? :)

Remembering this can brighten up a dreary day a bit!

12-15-2008, 03:11 PM
One I received: My friend Sue and I had completed law school, graduated, sat for the bar exam, and were awaiting results (takes about 6 weeks). Niether of us was working as yet. We took a weekend vacation together. We were in a restaurant for lunch at an all you can eat buffet (so it was a set price, no matter what you had to eat), and chattering excitedly over our meal about all the above and more. Waitress came over and told us our lunch bill had been paid anonymously! Well, we were stunned! Eventually we called her back and "badgered" her into telling us who paid. It was an older gentleman sitting eating alone. We went over to thank him. He didn't say much, except that "she wasn't supposed to tell you it was me, enjoy your meal" type things.

One of several I have given: I was standing in line at the grocery checkout. A young lady came up behind me, holding a birthday cake. I asked whose birthday, thinking prolly one of her kids. She said it was her birthday, she was taking the cake to her mom's and her brother and 2 sisters were going to meet there so they could all have coffee and cake. Something about buying your own birthday cake stung me a bit, so I paid for her cake!

12-15-2008, 06:08 PM
The other day I was going out to my car and noticed a homeless guy sitting inside the building on the stairs. I told him he needed to leave. He claimed he was waiting for someone. I know who he was cuz I saw him around the building before.

I asked him if he would like coffee and he said yes. I ended up going to DD and buying him a large coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. When I got back, he thanked me over and over again. I used to get angry when I've seen them in and around our buildings. But I realized that I too almost came close to being homeless. It made me feel great.

12-15-2008, 06:28 PM
At the tender age of 19, I was already married, a mom, and living in a mobile home near the AF base where my first husband was stationed in Charleston, SC. He was a first class airman w/a paycheck to match, ie., it wasn't much. We needed groceries but had spent most of our money on milk and baby food and, because our car was out of gas, one of the officers on base took us grocery shopping. When we got home, I started unpacking the groceries and in the bottom of one of the bags was a bunch of loose change. I mean a lot of change. I can't remember how much it actually amounted to but it was enough that it held us over until my husband's next paycheck. I ran to the door thinking that the officer had put the change there w/out thinking and that he'd want it back. As I tried to chase his car as he was pulling away from our home, he just waved and kept going. That was 41 years ago and that memory is still vivid in my mind.

12-16-2008, 12:10 PM
This thread (http://www.petoftheday.com/talk/showthread.php?t=148059&highlight=Helping+people) is an example of a random act of kindness I was happy to pass along (I'd re type the story but I am reeally tired lol)

I remember one time I was out of gas in the Festiva when driving home from school. I only had about 90 cents in change and I had forgotten my wallet on the way out the door that morning. I had a good 40 miles of driving ahead of me and less than a gallon of gas to work with and no one available to bail me out until WAY later that day. (plan ahead right? :rolleyes:). This nice older gentleman saw me asking for 90 cents worth of gas in my beat up pile and was kind enough to put 10 bux in! At the time it was almost enough to fill my car. I was driven to tears by that act of kindess.

This year, I was on my way to play a DJ gig and I ran out of gas on the way to the venue. There was no open gas stations for 60 miles and I didn't have a roadside assistance plan (I do NOW :rolleyes: plan ahead right? lol) A police officer had already been by where we were stuck and told us that we just would have to wait until the local gas stationed open...10 hours later. Me and John were prepaired to have a nice car campout when a guy going to the same event stopped to see what was the matter. He syphoned gas from his ATV in the back of his truck so we could get to the event and back to the gas station the next day. I was soooo glad I didn't have to camp at a gas station lol.