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12-02-2008, 01:25 PM
Kee and I went to a fun match this past weekend. On Saturday we did Standard, Jumpers, Tunnellers. Sunday we did Standard, Touch N Go, Snookers, Jumpers.

For the standard run on Saturday, she was really distracted cause it was our first run. Our first run is always a write-off :P She even did a BIG no-no and pooped in the ring... :D I think at least 10 dogs pooped in the ring that day! LOL Her Jumpers round afterwards was AMAZING! We only got one fault.. I overestimated her ability to get away from me and keep going but she ended up getting off course and backjumped it. Other than that though, she got AWESOME time on that course, and followed me really well! For Tunnellers (strictly tunnels), we also did really well! There was one tunnel that was awkwardly positioned.. it was my fault for positioning my shoulders towards the exit instead of the entrance. She was heading for it but I called her off.. no faults (her first "Q" run!!) but it cost us a second or two.

Sunday was a huge write-off. She was very distracted on the standard run. Touch N Go (consists of a lot of contacts) was the one good run that day. She got side tracked a couple times (sniffing around instead of following me) but she got back into it quickly and did all her contacts. Her instructor was impressed with the run! :) Snookers (a game.. you have to do one red jump, one obstacle of choice, repeat) lasted a second.. literally. I said "Over!" and Keeva ran towards the aframe.. we got whistled off immediately! :P Her jumpers run was also very messy but she did complete it.

Anyway, it wasn't too shabby! We managed to place 2nd in her Tunnellers run. She got 34 seconds.. first place got 32! If it weren't for the extra couple seconds of distraction, she might have placed first! We also got a 3rd in her division for another round.. (I can't remember if it was Touch N Go or Jumpers). So not a bad weekend at all! Actually, because she did really well with Touch N Go and Tunnellers (NADAC offers these courses.. Agility Assocation of Canada doesn't), my friend and I are planning on entering our first real trials in Washington for February! :D

12-02-2008, 02:08 PM
way to go!!... keep up the good work Keev.. but donīt "go" in the ring next time :p

did anyone took pics of you two?....

12-02-2008, 02:18 PM
Nope.. I meant to give my camera to a friend but I was so focused on the fact that after obstacle number 3, is obstacle number 4.. LOL. It was a tricky course!

12-02-2008, 06:54 PM
Good job Keeva! I won't lie, I don't understand a lot of what you're talking about Ashley, but I can be sure you two had fun!:D