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11-12-2008, 11:40 PM
I am back on my health program (right now geared to weight loss), and tonight's online Weight Loss Club had a multiple choice "Portion Distortion" quiz. We had it in our printouts and online. It was fun, so am posting it here.

I can't set it up like a poll - so if you want to play, maybe write your choices on a piece of paper and I'll post the correct answers in a day or so. :) (PS - lost 3 lbs since Friday and 6 inches from my waist!:eek::eek: :D )
************************************************** **************************

Portion sizes-the amount of food we choose to eat for a meal or snack-have gotten larger over the years, and yet the standard serving sizes that are often referred to are much, much smaller. See how good you are at estimating portions, and also see how much our typical portions have grown over the years.

1. An official serving of cooked meat is 3 ounces. A good way to estimate this serving would be to keep in mind that it is about the size of:
a. A deck of playing cards
b. A paperback novel
c. A video cassette

2. How much larger is a typical serving of pasta, compared to the "official" government serving of 1/2 cup?
a. Two times
b. Three times
c. Four times
d. Five times

3. Twenty years ago, the typical cheeseburger had about 335 calories. How many calories does the typical cheeseburger have today?
a. 350
b. 450
c. 600
d. 900

4. If you wanted to have an ounce of cheese for a snack, that piece of cheese would be about the same size as:
a. A book of matches
b. Your palm
c. Your thumb
d. A stick of butter

5. The official serving of French fries has about 200 calories. How many calories are in a typical "large" order of French fries?
a. 325
b. 400
c. 500
d. 625

6. Pizza is no longer just some crust, some sauce and some cheese. It's loaded down with meats and cheeses, and even has extra cheese in the crust. An "official" government serving is a slice of cheese pizza containing about 250 calories. About how many calories in a slice of "super-loaded" meat and cheese pizza?
a. 300
b. 350
c. 400
d. 450

7. A small box of unbuttered popcorn at the movies will cost you just under 300 calories. How much for the large tub with butter?
a. 400
b. 500
c. 600
d. 800
e. more than 1,000

8. A small sandwich cookie (Oreo) has about 50 calories. If you get a large chocolate chip cookie from the fresh bakery at the amll, you've eaten the equivalent of how many Oreos?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 8

9. A brownie recipe in the 1975 version of the cookbook The Joy of Cooking stated that the recipe made 30 brownies. The exact same recipe in the newest edition of the cookbook states that the recipe makes how many brownies?
a. 1
b. 8
c. 16
d. 24
e. 30

10. Some tricks that have been shown to work in helping you keep your portion sizes under control are:
a. Using smaller plates
b. Drinking out of glasses that are tall and skinny, rather than short and wide
c. Eating with a teaspoon instead of a soup spoon
d. Eating foods that are all the same colour
e. All of the above.

Have fun!:)

Lilith Cherry
11-13-2008, 03:43 AM
Where are the answers?:D

11-13-2008, 11:58 AM
I'll post the correct answers in a day or so.

I posted this in the first post - want to give folks a chance to do the quiz.:) Will give it til tonight or tomorrow morning.

11-15-2008, 11:58 AM
OK - here are the answers, a bit later than I intended! :o

1. a. A deck of playing cards

2. c. Four times :eek:

3. c. 600 :eek::eek:

4. c. Your thumb

5. d. 625

6. d. 450

7. e. more than 1,000 (My resting metabolic rate is 1,600...so YOW!)

8. c. 6

9. c. 16

10. e. All of the above.

If you want a BMI calculation and an estimate of your resting metabolic rate, PM me.

11-15-2008, 01:50 PM
So? How did everyone do on the quiz? :)

Scooter's Mom
11-15-2008, 03:38 PM
I missed 2.

11-15-2008, 04:35 PM
I missed the oreo one (said 4) and the pizza one.

This is a scary quiz!!

Anyone else HATE buttered popcorn?! I think it's disgusting. I'll take airpopped over that stuff any day! Add some tabasco on it, even better!!