View Full Version : Jersey's Flyball Progression

11-01-2008, 10:16 PM
As some of you know, Jersey has been doing full runs in flyball without other dogs for a couple of months now. Her problem was sauntering down to the box (lack of confidence in leaving me).

Last night she was running with her brother in the same lane. After a while, Derby went into the other lane and we raced them. The second time we raced, Jersey saw Derby ahead of her and I could visibly see her gait change. It was awesome! She didn't go full blast, but she was single stepping and definitely faster than she has been. She went from running over 7s runs to 5.5s. Hopefully in time, she will at least get into the 4.5-5s range. I don't care if she is never a fast flyball dog, I just want her to have confidence in what she is doing, and for her to enjoy it.

I also used to have to release her right from 10ft, but last night I was releasing from about 23ft.

For a while there we seemed to be stuck in a rut that we couldn't get out of. Everything was the same last night, and then all of a sudden she was a new dog! I am super proud of my Jerble. :)

11-02-2008, 12:03 AM
thats great! she she done any passing yet? ..have YOU done passing yet?

I never got to see Mistys confidence in tournies, she was sooo slow in tournies, she had no confidence at all. it was sad because in practice she was a demon, so fast you couldnt see who was running till she stopped, but in tournies she just lost all her confidence and dropped to 5-6 second times :(

11-02-2008, 12:58 AM
Yes, I've been running our captain's dogs for 2 years now. At our tournament in October I was consistent with 2ft passes. :D

Jersey has done a little passing, not a ton. Right now we are just practicing getting on to the lane, waiting for the dog to pass, and then releasing as soon as she focuses on going to get the ball. She is very good when she is coming back and a dog is passing in to her. She just needs practice on her outrun passes.

11-02-2008, 08:12 AM
Way to go Jersey girl & Mama :D. Thats awsome, here's hoping Jersey continues to improve and gain confidence. I always check Youtube for updates ;).

I realy have to get stuck into my guys fitness, El's & Tinny's times have dropped so bad. El before was running an average of 4.1/2s now it is more like 4.5 average... with the occasional 5s when i go to sleep lol. Tinnys times are shocking atm.

clover ran at our last comp in the nanna/ beginner team, their best time for the day was 29. something seconds. They all did so well though and it was very cute.