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10-25-2008, 08:48 AM
I know this is stupid xP but I was just wondering what people thought about this. My friends told me it was a stupid thing to be P/O'ed about but I can't help it. I am in Honors History in school, this is the only honors class I'm in currently so it's important for me to do well in it. I like History, I love my class, the teacher is OK but I recently took a test in the class. I failed my first one MISERABLY. I took a quiz, I got an 80. I didn't exactly study for the quiz but I aced it anyway. The test I didn't study for at all and it was reflected in my grade. Anywho, I DID study for this test. I studied for 2 freakin' hours + the study guide which took another good hour to finish. I studied all day in school, on the bus and even at the bus stop up till 8/9 period. I wound up getting an 80, ok fair enough, it's an average grade. But it makes me mad I studied SO hard and I got such a low score. I was happy at first then kept dwelling on it and realized I was stupid to be happy over it.

Alot of my friends got in 60's so I should be happy, but I'm not. The thing is the teacher DOESN'T actually freakin' teach us. She gives us the PEDLIGS which are outlines, never gives us notes, no review games, and doesn't go over the pedligs. :mad: She is a fun teacher in alot of ways, and she's nice most of the time but I can't stand when she doesn't teach us AT ALL. I know it sounds like heaven to kids that we never take notes in this class, but I NEED help with the information and studying sometimes. The thing that makes me the most mad is the fact she said "You're lucky this test only has 1 chapter in it. My other ones have at least 2-3 chapters plus the essay". Is she kidding? Seriously, how does she expect sophmores to retain so much information. :mad:

Another thing, my Chemistry teacher, he gives us college lectures instead of lessons. He goes off topic and makes it so hard to understand the crap he's teaching. I ALWAYS have to get my friend to help me afterwards. :mad:Sorry, I just needed to get this out. My Dad said I should use this to my advantage prepare for college but it's so annoying sometimes, I'm only a sophmore in HS.

-Rant over-

10-25-2008, 09:58 AM
Many years ago - when I was in 2nd year university - I took one of those 'ability' tests, measured in percentiles.

I scored much better for 'professor' than for 'teacher'. It was easy to figure out why.

Teachers are more involved with their students. Profs do their job, and the onus is on the student to come to THEM for help or with questions.

There is more detachment in the professor role. Be more proactive about your concerns and make an appointment to see the profs.


CONGRATS on your 80%! :D

10-25-2008, 10:06 AM
I would not be mad, but would talk to the teacher and explain that you worked very hard for the test, and that you think the whole class would appreciate a different approach and do more learning in class. Explain that it isn;t necessarily the amount of material, but that you guys don't feel you are doing enough learning and review in the classroom. It is still relatively early in the year, maybe she can alter the lessons.

I am proud of you that you got 80 when your friends got 60s. I also know that grade inflation is a huge problem in schools these days, and am glad it isn't happening in your case.

10-25-2008, 12:49 PM
Well, you are right to be mad but I think it's for the wrong reason and with the wrong person. Don't take this the wrong way but I think that you should be a little mad at yourself. (Don't get mad at me but read on).

Look at it this way... the anger you have now will fuel the time you put in for the next test. I don't think 2 hours was enough, plus repass on the bus and at school. I presume that you know in advance when you are supposed to take a test (not a quiz), so study a little bit every day in that subject if you know it's coming. Then the day before, you repass everything and let it go. No looking at it on the bus or during other classes. You will end up confusing yourself that way. You aren't learning (retaining) anything by cramming the day before. You just end up memorizing a bunch of stuff that you won't even recall after a week.

Honor classes aren't supposed to be easy. :)

Anyway, 80% is really wonderful considering the average of the other students.
I am sure you will do better on the next test! :D

10-25-2008, 01:00 PM
I agree with what everyone else said. Like beeniesmom said, take this and use it to apply yourself even more for the next test. Rise to the challenge and be tougher on yourself (not that you weren't for this past test). Do you have friends in the class that you can have study dates with?
It's actually good to be hard on yourself for an 80%. Shoot I'd be thrilled if I got an 80%. But I think you know you can do better and that's what you need to work toward. If you feel comfortable talking to the teacher like Karen said then go for it.

You can do it!! :D

10-25-2008, 05:30 PM
Just wondering, since you say the teacher doesn't teach, doesn't give notes, and doesn't go over the outlines she gives out.

What is happening in class? I mean, it sounds like there is no class from your description.

As for the class with the guy who teaches like a prof... it's still high school, and he needs to gear his activities (are there any?) and lectures for high school. If he's not, then he's doing you guys a disservice. 10th graders and many high schoolers in general (and freshmen in college) are not totally prepared for how profs lecture and how to study material in that way. He's teaching high school kids, and needs to teach it to them so that they will learn from it. It may not be "his" way, but he needs to adapt his way of teaching so that kids understand it and gain from it.

You can't have a teacher who normally teaches 5th grade go down to 1st grade and teach them in the same manner. It's not going to work. Different learning styles, and different ways the brains are working and picking up material.

If I were you, I'd talk to the guidance counselor, vice principal or something. Do it as a group. He needs to be teaching on your level. If he wants to be a prof, then he needs to find a job doing just that at a college.

Oh, and I have to agree with others that 2hrs for studying is not going to cut it. I'd say review every night, or at least the night after you have that class, and make sure you keep up with notes and things like that. Keep reviewing. Once you hit college, you'll need to have that motivation to get through the classes. Cramming doesn't work, it just kinda jumbles the info, and you retain nothing.

10-25-2008, 05:55 PM
An 80% is pretty good, but you can do better! I know you didn't ask for advice on how to do better next time, but here it is anyway :p

Read a little bit everyday, write your own notes from the book and do the end of the chapter questions. Then when you're in class you can ask questions about things that you don't understand or need clarification with. I wouldn't be mad at the teacher. You say you're "only" a sophomore in HS, but you are old enough to take credit for your own learning. Don't depend on the teacher as much and do some regular out of class learning. It's an honors class, so generally it should take more effort than the other classes. It's a great thing to start too so if you go on to college you'll have had some practice. If you do a little bit everyday I'm sure you'll see an improvement on your grades. Soon you'll see that two hours the night before a test is nothing and just won't cut it once you're out of high school. I'd start some healthy study habits now so down the road it's not as much as a shock.

10-25-2008, 09:07 PM
Gosh don't be so hard on yourself, is that an 80/100,honestly if so i think that is an awesome grade,one can only try and do their best,your teachers sound a lot like my daughters too, she is always complaining they don't actually teach properly, and it is so annoying, you expect them to do their job properly, she is in high school and is 16,doing her real important exams in about two weeks time,just keep on giving it your best shot and if you know you can do better, you will next time i am sure. cheers