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09-13-2008, 03:01 PM
Post your dog stories here.

this in mine.

Me and some friends were going to a feild. to get pinecones to spray paint and put in baskits to sell for cristmess decorations . the feild wasn't far from my house so we desidid to walk. so my dog wolf followed us. finaly we reached the fild it had about 12 pine trees in it so we started putting the pinecones in bags when suddenly i felt a dog jump on me and nock me to the ground. i flipped over to pet wolf who did this alot be what i saw maid my heart stop there was a large dog teath bared ready to tear into me. i tryed to nock it off me and run but he chomped his large teath into my arm. i screamed and when i did wolf who was chasing rabbits on the other side of the feild came running . the dog was tearing my arms up as i coverd my face i felt the waigh lift off me and i looked up. Wolf had jumpped on the dog he was about to kill it when i grabbed wolfs coller and pulled him off. I never saw the dog agein. one year later my baby was hit by a car. i miss hi mand always will

R.I.P. wolf

09-15-2008, 10:23 AM
Sometimes, God sends angels in the form of animals. In my story, he chose a dog. We had a dog just randomly show up at our house when my sister and I were really little. He was a sheepdog that followed us everywhere. He was sweet, you could see the kindness in his eyes. He was with us for a week, and then disapeared. I think it was God's way of saying, here's proof, I am here, and I will visit. In this case, he used a dog as an example.