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Australian Bulldog
09-15-2000, 12:06 AM
Has anyone heard of the new breed of the Australian Bulldog..The Nobes Australian Bulldog breeding programme was begun to try to create a unique, functional dog immediately recognizable as a bulldog with excellent people friendly temperament without the well known health problems of the present day British Bulldog. For more info goto http://australianbulldog.cjb.net/

09-24-2000, 07:29 PM
I wen't to the site and they are SO cute, They look a lil' bit like Englisj Bullies but their snout seems a bit longer and not so pushed in and I'm not sure but they look a bit bigger. I have saved manyof those pics on my desktop to look at them.


Australian Bulldog
09-26-2000, 07:02 AM
Glad you liked them...yes they are different than the British i.e longer nose (improved breathing) widened hips (allows natural births). There is a free Australian Bulldog Screen Saver on my site if you are interested: http://australianbulldog.cjb.net/