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09-07-2002, 09:12 AM
What do you to let your pup know that he is special????

Mister Malone isn't allowed on any furniture...BUT I let him climb up on my lab when I sit at the computer, and occasionally he is invited up on the bed. I know, :( He is very quickly outgrowing the first!! He usually goes _everywhere_ with us. And if we are going someplace that he can't, he gets to go to doggie day care. He always get's the ends of carrots when I cut them up (such fun to chase them skittering across the floor!), and we throw popcorn so he can catch the kernals midair. And we give him lots of attention, taking him for a walk everyday, and playing with him all the time!!!

09-07-2002, 12:23 PM
Let me count the ways....

They go to Dayschool 2-4 times/month

We have memberships at 2 dog parks!

We have just signed them up for the thrid class each.

I stop at least once and week and buy treats or toys or both!

They go to almost all family gatherings with us.

They almost always get a sample of out dinner.

They have their own spots ont the furninture.

Sadie sleeps in bed, under the covers ( Cincy does occasionaly, but she prefers the floor)

I am sure the barely is the tip of the iceberg, but they are spoil rotten little pups!

09-08-2002, 12:10 AM
Ok so do you have at least a day to read this? I will post a few

- Deisel & Phoebe have each their own blankets
- I take them to the pet store once a week on a Friday or Monday and they each get to pick a treat.
- They both have their own brushes and Shampoo.
-Phoebe has her special place on the couch (Deisel prefers the floor)
-Their dog house has a porch on it and a seperate sleeping area and a heat lamp for those cold winter days.
-They have a window in their dog house so they can see out
-Their have their own deck in their dog run
_Fancy bowls for each of them.

I could go on for days!!! Oh and the dog house. It is insilated and has siding and shingles on the roof.

09-08-2002, 04:07 AM
I had to smile about the doghouse. :D :D That's 'cause my hubby decided to build our doghouse. He said we would get better quality and it would be cheaper. After $250 and countless hours later, I had to wonder HOW MUCH cheaper??? It's huge, with 3 windows, insulation, a door, (but no heat lamp!), etc. etc. The really funny thing?? Our puppy prefers the Dogloo that we picked up for $10 at a yard sale. Go figure!!! But maybe when he gets a bit bigger he will realize the joy of having extra room in the house made with love...

Aspen and Misty
09-08-2002, 11:20 PM
gets alot of attention
We play find mommy almost every night
He gets some treats
He goes for a walk every day
First dog to get attention
first dog ot get food
gets to sleep in his moms room
gets to play hide and seek with food all the time
gets new toys all the tiem caue chewy chews up his old ones

Gets to many treats
Gets to much attention
Goes rollerbladeing once a day
Gets to practice his comands everyday, which means food
get lots of doggie hugs and kisses
Gets to sleep on the big bed occasionally

There both spoiled alot. Teddy probly the most cause we don't want him to feel we are replacing him with Chewy


09-09-2002, 01:14 AM
Reggie/Smokey...we usually have treats for them, they always get wrapped presents on their birthdays and christmas, get to go lots of places with us--camping all the time, etc.

Nebo is probably more spoiled, because since he's my pup, I'm the one who spoils him lol. He has many different kinds of treats. He gets them very often (broken into tiny bites) because of training him. And to get him extra interested, he always gets at least 1 soft treat per day. He has a large dog kennel and he sleeps in that in my room at night. His dog run is 10x14 feet, the biggest we could find....He has TONS of toys and accessories (although I keep most of them put away because that way they are more exciting--new toy! lol), 3 types of treat/hiding toys. He gets brushed everyday, gets his teeth brushed (although he doesnt really enjoy that) and a doggy mint. We go to puppy classes at Petsmart every Tuesday, and he goes there and to "playdates" with his bud Lady quite often too. I take him for a walk and let him run on a long leash at the church every night.

Yesterday he and Lady got to be extra spoiled! My friend (Lady's owner) works at a gas station (I also used to work there) and her mom is the manager. We stopped there on our way back from Petco (2 dogs in a small 2 door car...not a good thing lol...even with seat belts) and they got to wander around inside for a minute. They also got to share a hotdog, and thought that was GREAT!

09-09-2002, 01:13 PM
It'll be easier to say how they're not spoiled! LOL!

Oh well I'll give it a try.


- Sleep in my bed every night
- Get to drag me around the neighborhood on a regular basis
- Have a big back yard to play in (which is getting bigger cuz the house next door burnt down so we bought the lot and knocked down what was left of the house. We just have to move the fence over now!)
- Have a huge doghouse! Me and the dog can fit in this thing :rolleyes: (Dad built it, it had a heat lamp but Katie chewed thru the electric plug. They never sleep in it unless it's raining anyways)
- Have a big ol' lug of a guy to wrestle with (Dustin a.k.a Redneck Pit Lover)
- Never go more than a couple days without rawhide bones.
- Get to annoy the cat with min. scolding
- Gets to sleep on the furniture. Which is where Katie is as we speak.
- Gets to sleep on the really big bed (Mom and Dad's king size) Which is where Bull is as we speak.
- Both think they are lap dogs (Katie is 80 lbs and Bull is 50 lbs! they are not small) and are allowed to act like lap dogs.

I'll stop there cuz I can go on forever!

09-10-2002, 01:29 PM
My goodness, this is going to be a long list!

-They are allowed on all furniture (except the bed but only when my fiance & I are BOTH in it) and they each have thier own beds and blankets.
-Always have the run of the house
-They go almost everywhere with me like work, camping, to run errands, to friends & family's houses and gatherings etc..
-They go for at least one daily walk/hike/swim etc...
-FOOD: Everytime we go to a drive through they get their own hamburg or cheeseburgs. When we go to a resturaunt they get the leftovers. They get doggie treats at our bank. They get our leftovers from at home meals & snacks. They eat great dog food and have a wide variety of dog treats. Almost everytime I go to a store they get something (weather it be a slim jim from a convenince store to a bag of beef tracheas from the pet store to RMB at the butchers and whatever).
-They have a wide variety of toys from stuffed animals to squeekers to kongs to rubber bones, and it keeps growing.
-They have almost every color collar & lead along with bandanas.
-They have their own personalized raised dog food & water bowls
-Refresher obedience and agility practice everyday!
-They have our 2 extra bedrooms for them to use

*MOST IMPORTANT* (I don't think that they will think that these are the most important spoiling factors but I do)
Regular grooming always up to date on vaccines, exams, hearworm meds (interceptor which also helps w/ other parasites), advantage, spayed & neutered, current pet tags and micro-chips

09-12-2002, 09:41 AM
They only have about a millions stuffies and other toys including tons of balls!
And treats, don't even get me started on that! I think I buy every kind that I see!
They have complete run of the house when they are inside.
At bedtime, they can sleep in the bedroom with us (but only on the floor) or anywhere else in the house that they want.
If it even seems like anything is wrong with them, they are immediately taken to the vet. I will go without so they can get the care they need.
They eat before I do!
If they are outside & want in, of course, they come in!

And I know there are many more things, I just can't remember them all right now!

So...in other words, my dogs own me, I don't own them!

C.C.'s Mom
09-12-2002, 10:20 AM

- Gets the best food available over here. I order it especially in Sweden for her.

- Has her own cupboard in our kitchen filled with cookies and snacks.

- I bought her a special pillow for large dogs with rotating little balls in it to prevent bone problems. The pillow was about 350 dollars.

- I sew her special blankets for her baskets. They're all quilts with pictures and fabric bones sewed on it.

- Has a basket in every room.

- Sleeps in our bedroom on her special pillow.

- We bought a bigger car so that she had enough space.

- Gets a new collarset every 2 months, all bought in a special surfing gear shop where they also sell leashes and stuff for cool dogs.

- Gets to go swimming every day and a good run for at least 2 hours.

- Joins me to the pet store once a week and can choose a treat.

- Is the first to be greeting upon arriving home.

- Has about 2000 pictures taken in one year.

- Has 3 songs, especially written for her by my husband and gets to hear them every morning in the bathroom when my husband takes a shower.

- Has beautiful bowls, for every day one. I made them for her, with her name on them and the day. And a drawing of course.

- Goes on holidays with us, and when she's not allowed since we go to London or so, goes to a special dog hotel where they have a dog pool and private rooms with real beds for the dogs.

- Has her pictures all over the house.

- Has a big basket in the livingroom full with stuffed toys and balls.

- Is daddy's girl, and is allowed to sleep next to him on the sofa where she's otherwise not allowed on furniture.

- Has her own grooming set (shampoo, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, brushes.

- Has a Halloween outfit.

- Is a therapy-dog once a week, where she cuddles with the elder people and once a month she's a therapy dog in a center for disabled children. And she's most loved there!

Cookie is the best dog you can imagine, and I love her very much.

09-12-2002, 10:59 AM
Originally posted by C.C.'s Mom

- - Is the first to be greeting upon arriving home.

So funny you would say that...when Mark came home yesterday I was commenting on how he greets and plays with the dogs before he kisses me!

Originally posted by C.C.'s Mom

- Has her pictures all over the house.

We also have soooo many of the dogs pics on the walls! My mom commented that we love our dogs more than our family!