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05-31-2008, 04:14 PM
This is cross posted from another website, I can give you her info if you want to help.

I recently met a woman who adopted a little girl from Guatemala a couple of years ago. Since then, the US has ceased allowing adoptions from Guatemala so the orphanages in this country are overflowing with needy children. Parents, unable to care for all their children, and with no access to birth control, are literally dumping their children at the side of the road.

Vanessa just got back from a personal mission trip to this country and met a woman from the US who started an orphanage called Casa de Sion, which happens to be very near where Starbucks gets their Guatemala Antigua coffee.

So, my store and our sister store nearby, are organizing an item drive to help this orphanage. They have children from infant to 16 years old here and they need EVERYTHING. If your kids have any clothes, gently used shoes, school bags, bedding, etc. that they have grown out of, I would appreciate if you could send it my way so we can get it to the orphanage. Even if you are changing the decorations in the kids room, they could really use some wall decorations, etc. to brighten up the orphanage.

Vanessa is also trying to get school supplies for a nearby school as most of the kids families can't afford basic supplies to send their kids to school.

Some other things they could really use include:
cloth diapers and diaper pins
over-the-counter medications (especially for lice and fungal infections, cold meds, etc.)
rubber sheets
food items such as dried milk, canned meats and vegetables, peanut butter, dried fruits, etc.
soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other personal care items (remember, there are some 16 year old girls...)
towels and washcloths
eating utensils
plastic bowls/plates
stuffed animals and toys

IM me for my address if you can help.
Here is a link to the orphanage's blog site: http://casadesion.blogspot.com/

05-31-2008, 04:51 PM
That's so incredibly sad, I could just cry.... I will deffinetly be praying for these children, and the orphanage. God bless those kids...:(:(