View Full Version : These Cats NEED Your HELP

08-26-2002, 06:57 PM
Hello All,

I'm new to this forum, but there are some feral cats in San Pedro, California that need help badly. It seems the city feels these beach cats are a threat to public health and safety. For the record 90% of the cats are fixed and vacinated. The vet bills and the food is all paid for out of the kindness of the people that care for the cats. Feral cats in San Pedro have lived in the area in question for over 20 years, with never a problem with public health and safety.
The link to the current threat to the cats is:


ALL that the cats need at this time is "signatures" on a petition that should save them from the city killing them. The link to the petition is:http://www.PetitionOnline.com/spfcc2/petition.html

It doesn't matter where you live for you to sign this petition. We are trying to show the city that everyone, everywhere cares about the cats.

Thank You all very much for your help.