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04-27-2008, 02:35 AM
Well today me and my dad went to visit my grandparents and we brought Gabby home! She was so good in the car on the way home she just sat and looked out the window very calmly. I was afraid she would be bouncing all over the car. lol I introduced the dogs before I went to bed because I was just so curious how they would do. I used my laundry room as neutral territory as the dogs never go in that room.
First I introduced Maggie. It was all tail wags and butt sniffings. Gabby lifted Maggies butt into the air sniffing it lol. Then Maggie sniffed Gabby and had to stand up on her back legs to reach. I then took Maggie out of the room.
Then I introduced Gracie. Gracie growled a little, which she does with the other dogs all the time so it was no suprise and then Gabby growled a deep growl and I was scared but then the tails started wagging and they started sniffing. Gracie wacked Gabby in the face with her paw and then they were friends I was very happy!
The final task was Lucy which I was scared to do. I picked her up and carried her in the laundry room and Gabby sniffed her and there was no growling or anything so I set her down and then they started playing. Lucy is pretty scared of big dogs but after a while she warmed up. It's funny too because Gabby really dwarfs Lucy.
After Lucy was introduced I then let Maggie back into the room and Maggie and Lucy started playing with Gabby just watching and wagging her tail. Then finally I let Gracie in there and she stood by me and was kind of scared of all the ruckus but eventually started playing with Lucy too. It's so funny Gracie and Maggie will play with Lucy but they avoid playing with each other. At first it appears as though all three are playing but it is actually each of them playing with Lucy at the same time. lol
I am very happy that they all get along. If they didn't that would mean I would have to give her up and I really didn't want to she is such a sweetie.

04-27-2008, 05:37 AM
Welcome home Gabby and welcome to Pet Talk! Can't wait to see more of you! :D

04-27-2008, 09:43 AM
Glad to read the intros went well. Way to go, Gabby!

Where are the photos? Of her in the car, checking out the new yard . . . . :D