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04-16-2008, 02:25 PM
I can't vouch for the truthfulness of this, but maybe somebody here is close by?
Fundraiser for Rebecca Taylor and family

181 Whitehall Road

Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913
Hello, my name is Eileen Cashman, Animal Control Officer for the City of Amesbury and
today I can't express enough the heartfelt sadness that I have witnessed over the past 24
hours for the family of Rebecca Taylor, who I will address here as "Becky" as most know

Yesterday on April 14th, 2008 a door was left open to her home and 3 out of 4 of her
beloved dogs (all rescues which she kept) ran into the road witnessed by Becky were all hit
by a passenger car. In the midst of the crisis Becky ran to her vehicle to back down to the
road quickly to lift her dogs to safety and in the chaos and emotion of the situation she
struck her ex-husband with her vehicle while backing up. He was seriously injured, down
and 911 was called for an ambulance and rushed to Anna Jacques Hospital in
Newburyport, MA who is home recovering today with a broken clavicle and shoulder blade
along with other minor injuries.
Her smallest dog, Tess, 2 years old did not survive the transport to medical help. Her
German Shephard, "King", 2 years old was rushed into the veterinary hospital where he lay
helpless while veterinarian Dr. Cynthia Wojcicki of Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital and her
technicians worked fervently to keep King alive. He was in shock, breathing labored,
bleeding internally, head injured and lost a toe along with several other lacerations. We
were referred and then transported him to the Brentwood Emergency Hospital, Brentwood,
NH for further treatment and observation and is still alive as I write and is fighting for his
life. Becky's third dog, Daisy, an Australian Shephard X, 2 years old was hit at the same
time and left the accident scene and was nowhere to be found after several hours of
searching until I received a call from our Police Department in Amesbury this morning that
workers found an injured dog fitting her description behind the barn they were working at
on Whitehall Road in South Hampton, NH. Upon my arrival Daisy was down with injury to
her hind end. The home where she was found was unoccupied and if not for the workers,
Cronin Construction she may have died of starvation and injury.

Daisy was rushed by Amesbury ACO to the Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital where Tess
and King were also seen and technicians were called ahead and ready for her arrival.
Within minutes we were relieved that Daisy would survive her injuries as she was not in
shock and there was no hyperthermia from being outside all evening. She had a broken
leg and lacerations but would be fine.

Becky arrived at MVAH in shock, relieved that Daisy was found. She lied on the floor
comforting her daughters dog all the while she grieves the loss of Tess and awaiting more
news on King. Daisy also has to go to the Emergency facility for the surgery on her
injured leg.
I am raising this awareness to everyone that it takes a minute for an accident to take place
and your world turned upside down. For Becky, this turn of events has become a very
costly situation which all of her savings have been depleted which was saved for her
mortgage payments on her farm. I heard her say in tears that to save her animals she will
"lose the farm" in the process.

I beg any/all of you to hear her cries and if you could ever imagine or have lost a beloved
pet in an accident such as this imagine all 3. I am a fellow officer, an animal lover, her
friend. Will you join me in making a financial contribution to help with the exorbitant
medical costs which her family has incurred and continue to incur on King and Daisy while
under medical care.

Rebecca Taylor fulfilled a life long dream to be an Animal Control Officer and took time
away from her own life to contribute her time to give animal rescue and relief in the
aftermath of hurricane Katrina in Mississippi. She is a volunteer on the Emergency
Management Team in the Town of Amesbury and was recently appointed Assistant Deputy
Director. She is a member of Animal Control Officers of Massachusetts and directly active
with the S.M.A.R.T. organization. She owns 3 horses which she rescued, 4 goats, 1
surviving healthy dog named Taco who is confused as to where his buddies are. Her 14
year old daughter Alexis is devastated. Any help with donations on her and her families
behalf can be sent to the Provident Bank, 5 Market Street, Amesbury, MA 01913 in care of
Rebecca Taylor.
Eileen Cashman

Animal Control Officer

Amesbury, MA


[email protected]

04-18-2008, 08:45 AM
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