View Full Version : Attempted Hamster Rescue.

11-19-2007, 11:14 PM
I'm very upset over this, maybe moreso than I should.
Only you guys would understand why I feel this way.

I live in the dorms at college...NO pets are allowed. There is a girl who we'll call Melissa who owns a hamster she calls Meatloaf. The hamster is living in a tiny half gallon bug container and can stand on it's hind feet and reach the lid of the cage. It has no water...she lets it out twice a day to give it water out of a cup, it's food is thrown in it's bedding and itis missing hair on it's back. It keeps escaping and causing problems.

Today was the first day I actually asked her roommate if I could see the hamster and was appalled at how badly it was being cared for. I took the hamster and brought it in my room for awhile. I put a tiny cup of water in there and it went absolutely nuts. I also duct-taped the lid to prevent it from escaping again. I was so tempted to make it go *poof* and take it home where I know it would be cared for. Our Resident Advisor found out and was really upset that I stole the hamster. After about an hour of arguing he made me put it back.

Nobody understands the way I feel about this situation. My friend looked at me and told me, "Ashley, it's JUST a hamster, let it go."

We're leaving for Thanksgiving break tomorrow. Melissa was told the hamster needs to leave during this time. My RA told me that if she does not take it home or brings it back he will have to confinscate it and he'll give it to me.

Argh. I don't understand why I am so upset about this whole situation..but I really am...and I knew you guys would understand. Lets hope she doesn't take it home... :p

Aspen and Misty
11-19-2007, 11:23 PM
Petsmart, walmart, petco etc. have fairly cheap hamster cages. What I would do is buy one, a water bottle and food bowl and bring it in as a "I had this old stuff laying around and don't need it any more" kind of a thing. ANY cage would be better then what this hamster is living in right now. You can buy like $5 carrying cages at walmart that would make it so the hamster had more room. If you have the extra cash and the cage is big enough, I would also buy the hamster a wheel to run on, but the most important thing is a cage and water bottle.


11-19-2007, 11:26 PM
Offer her money! Any person who treats their pet like that would probably quickly give them up for a small amount of money. Maybe offer her 20 dollars? It's worked for me before!