View Full Version : Cemetery Allows Owners To Be Buried With Pets

10-17-2007, 11:42 AM

AKRON, Ohio -- For many people, their pets are their lives. Now when owners depart from this life, they can be laid to rest with their pet.

NewsChannel5's Jonathan Costen reported that a historic Akron cemetery is allows pet owners and their animal friends to be buried together.

The Glendale Cemetery in Akron will allow pet owners to cremate the remains of their pets to be buried in their lots.

Missy Jordan is like a mortician for animals, Costen reported. She sells pet urns. She said at Hummel Funeral Homes, they cremate about 200 animals a month.

"We have done some lizards in the past, rabbits things like that," Jordan said.

Whether your pet has feathers, scales, or fur, and if it slithers or climbs, Jordan has prepared pets for funerals -- even rats.

"I'm not a rodent fan but a lot of people love them and have them as pet and they cremate them and keep them with them forever," Jordan said.

If an owner is interested in having a spot for their pet at Glendale Cemetery, the cost is $350. The pet can have a flat marker and there are thousands of plots available.