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09-21-2007, 07:48 PM
Update on the four munchkins:

They are all SO cute!!! Momma cat is being a wonderful mommy and is taking wonderful care of them.

Now to the sad news - the runt has some semi-serious issues. He/she has tendon contracture in both rear legs - a pretty serious case. The vet says that splinting the legs in a couple of weeks and time are the two best options. The worst option if it doesn't fix is of course euthanasia....though I've heard from a couple of cat folks who say it's usually very treatable, and often times corrects itself on its own. It just looks so painful!! :(

Because of his/her issues, he/she has some trouble getting enough to eat because he/she is easily outcompeted. So, now I'm supplementing the little one with bottle feedings.

He's skin and bones but I'm hoping to help out by bottle feeding.

Fingers crossed for this little wee one. I'm always a sucker for the underdog...er...undercat.

Here is a bottle feeding picture:


Sorry it's not the best pic, this little one is squirmy!!

This little tyke is seriously worming his/her way into my heart!

09-21-2007, 08:12 PM
Awwww! No wonder that wee one is worming its way into your heart! What a sweet little baby!

I am sure the bottle feedings will help - and I think there is a website about handicapped pets.

There was one baby on here, Suriya, that had no front legs - just kind of paws, really. But he sure could hop like crazy!

I am just saying - the leg problems may not be a problem for the little one at all.
Maybe you will have to use a lot of PLAY therapy! :)

Hugs to the babe - drink up, little one, you have to put on an ounce or two!

Laura's Babies
09-21-2007, 08:52 PM
Jan, Queenscoopalot has one Georgie... go see him here


From what I remember about Georgie, it is better if they can get them early and splint/work with those legs EARLY, the earlier the better. . go read about him, it may help you a lot or none at all.

More threads on him







Some sights to go read up on this condition


This is all I have found but it will get you started. I do remember reading it is important to keep them off of slick floors as that encourages those legs to spread. DO NOT put this baby to sleep... find another vet with experience in this to tell you what to do and how to do it. Get on the internet, go to handicapped pets online and anywhere else you can think of to ask questions and get help... (That is what I did when I got Amy and first heard "sounds like CH to me!")

09-22-2007, 09:42 AM
My Puddy was born w/this condition although I didn't know it had a name and my old vet never told me it did. (Maybe he didn't know either.) Puddy's family kept her outdoors on a busy street because her mother had rejected her. They took her to their vet who at first wanted to put her to sleep. But instead, he opted for splinting her leg w/a metal splint that had rubbed through to the bone, causing a severe infection. The family didn't want to try anything else and that's when a friend of mine said "Wait! Let my friend take a look at her." I went to see her, this little half pint calico who weighed less than a pound, and it was love at first sight. On my part. Puddy, not so much. LOL She hissed at me and that sealed it; she was going home w/me. When my vet saw her, he said "This splint has got to go" and he removed it, treated the infection and said "She's going to walk w/a limp. Can you deal w/that?" I said "Hey, if she can deal w/it, I can deal w/it. As long as I know she isn't in pain." Well, that was 14 years ago and the Pudster is still hangin' in, being her little Queen self, all 5 pounds of her. Please give your little one a chance. With lots of love and good vet care, he can not only survive but thrive. If you can't keep him yourself, there are people out there like me who will only take cats w/special needs. Although I'm not taking on any more because I've reached my maximum limit, if conditions were otherwise, I'd take him in a heartbeat. Not trying to guilt you here (ok, maybe a little) but please know that this condition should not be a death sentence but an opportunity to prove just how strong love and determination are. Good luck and please keep us posted.

09-22-2007, 09:53 AM
My Puddy was the size of the little calico that Jen Luckenbach is holding in her pic. Just goes to show ya what a little fighter she is and dollars to doughnuts your guy is, too.

09-22-2007, 10:24 AM
Oh, I agree that this baby should not be euthanised!! As long as she isn't in severe pain, then she will be just fine! Thank you for bottle feeding her and not giving up on her!


09-22-2007, 06:54 PM
I didn't mean to imply that my vet suggested, nor I was even considering, euthanasia.

It was something that was said as a last resort - if he was not able to walk ever, if it turned out to be something worse, etc.

We're giving the little guy every fighting chance. He's hanging in there, but he does worry me some times. He's soooooo much smaller than the others, even with me bottle feeding. He just appears so fragile and weak. :(

He's fussy though, so I know he's got plenty of fight in him.

09-22-2007, 08:01 PM
I Am Glad Tthat You Are Not Giving Up On That Little One. I Have Found Through The Years That Its Those Kittens Who Are Tiny Andd Fragile As Kittens Who Turn Out To Be The Biggest Healthiest Cats When They Get Thier Growth.
Gary And Ivon, Pouncettes Babies Were Puny, And Thier Guardian Was Told They Wouldnt Grow.
With Love, Tlc And Beef Broth They Now Tip The Toledoes At 16 Pounds!!
Bless You And Please Keep Us Updated On Your Wonder Kitten!!!

11-03-2007, 10:30 PM
Another update on the gang:

Sadly, Underkitty passed away at three weeks of age. Despite the bottle feeding, his little body just failed. He also had some severe neurological damage. RIP little guy. :(

The other three are now 7 weeks old and doing superbly. They are all three males, and spunky as can be. I am SO tempted to keep them all, but being the poor broke lady that I am, it would not be a smart decision on my behalf.

I will try to get some update photos posted. They are pretty hard to get pictures of at this age since they are constantly into something 24/7!

Sherbert, the little orange tabby is a climber. You can't take your eyes off of him for a second or he'll launch himself right up your leg. Ouch. He's definitely my favorite and will be the hardest to see go...

11-03-2007, 11:13 PM
So sorry to learn of the little kitty's passing :( I was hoping he'd make it. I'm glad the rest of them are doing well.

11-04-2007, 12:31 AM
RIP Underkitty. How wonderful you knew love...and your meowmie did all she could for you.

Play happy at the Bridge, and keep an eye on your siblings and Meowmie, ok?

11-04-2007, 04:28 PM
Unerkitty Is Now Part Of Precious And Samuels Growing Family Of Eternal Kittens Are They Are Now In Belem Brazil Enjoying The Sunday Brunch At The Fancy Resort Hotels. They Are One Happy Family And Travel All Together.
Underkitty Know You Did Your Very Best And Will Be There To Greet You In Pet Paradise.
One Fine Day.

11-04-2007, 07:18 PM
It IS treatable!! I read an article in Cat Fancy Magazine about it. Don't give up on the lil poo.

Glad to hear they're all doing well. Great job!