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09-07-2007, 09:35 PM
Hey, I know I haven't ever posted any pictures of Sadie our great pyrenees pup, but it's because my computer won't accept the pics from my digital camera so I've been having problems with it...so I guess I'm going to carry my pictures to wal-mart and have them developed there soon ;) then I'll have some pics to send to you all of the animals....

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all a little about her--up-date you guys on her :)
Sadie is now 5 months old. She has been such a sweetheart lately! She has been good socializing with the ducks each day and she has even started to guard my goat (she will stand by him all day long while he grazes around. she just hangs out in a shade near him watching him, so I think that's the guarding instinct in her)
She knows what "NO" means now. When ever she does something wrong I can say no and she stops what ever it is. I'm proud of her. I can't wait to show pictures of her here...she's so beautiful. She looks like she's smiling when she looks at you.

Today I went out to feed the ducks. I had gotten up late and was late feeding the animals, so when I went to feed the ducks today I couldn't find Snowbell my muscovy duck. I got afraid she had flown away or something, but then I saw her thru the fence. She was on the other side with Sadie. Sadie was just standing there looking at me. When I went around thru the house to the other side Sadie was still there with Snowbell. They were just sitting there together. I closed Sadie up on the deck until after I caught Snowbell. She was hard to catch; she's a very clever duck and can slip out of your hands just like that :D and so I wanted to close Sadie up on the deck so she wouldn't see me trying to catch Snowbell and think that was a game she could play with the ducks or something.
Finally I caught her and carried her around to the front yard. I was so happy though that Sadie was out there with Snowbell all alone and didn't hurt her or anything...that shows me that she's learning and all my 'going out with Sadie each day to visit with the ducks' is paying off.

Well, I'll talk to you guys later and I will try to get pictures soon!!!!