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08-31-2007, 07:34 PM
Haven't had any time to be on PT much in the last while, but putting up some new pics of the boys for those who like horses. School just started and I teach the kids at home so extra busy right now besides work. Hope you enjoy.













08-31-2007, 07:43 PM
**sigh** I just want to reach out and stroke those muzzles! How wonderful they look. Thanks for showing them off!

08-31-2007, 09:03 PM
Your horses are beautiful.

08-31-2007, 09:37 PM
Wow, your horses are gorgeous! They both have such great shaped bodies and heads. Very pretty, thanks for sharing them:):D

I love seeing pics of horses!

09-01-2007, 03:23 PM
Gorgeous horses! I love all your pets Vela. :p

09-01-2007, 04:03 PM
Oh my, they are just so gorgeous looking. How are they working out for you?

09-01-2007, 04:48 PM
Both of them are stunning!! I definitely have to come see them sometime! :)

09-01-2007, 06:59 PM
They are both beautiful. :D

critter crazy
09-01-2007, 07:21 PM
Gorgeous!! great pics!! :D

Suki Wingy
09-01-2007, 11:53 PM
They are both gorgeous, especially their long, elegant faces.

09-02-2007, 07:12 PM
Very pretty horses. :D

My friend has three - a Clydesdale, a Palamino Quarter horse, and a Welsh Pony. They had a retired Thouroghbred(sp?) for a while who was missing an eye and had extreamly bad arthritis, but he passed away earlier this year.

What kind of horses are yours?

09-03-2007, 10:35 AM
Yes Amy you do need to come see them, hoping things settle down for me soon, as far as school with the kids goes. Send me a PM when you have some free time, they are in Saratoga Springs, next to Lehi.

Gent is in training at the barn for now, I don't personally have enough time to help him learn the things he needs to know so I've hired him a trainer while I ride Gensana. Once school started I realized I just don't have the time to spend every day only on Gent for training him, which is what I had been working on up until then, and Gensana didn't get ridden at all, so once Gent's training is more up to speed I can alternate riding them to every other day to keep them both conditioned throughout the winter.

Gensana is a Tennessee Walker and Gent is a Morgan.

Tried to answer any questons I saw, hope I got them all. Thanks for looking at my boys!

09-03-2007, 04:20 PM
It is so nice to see some new photos of both of your handsome horsey boys! :D
I just adore Gent! :)
Do you ride him english or western?
Have you gotten his registration papers now?
I'm just wondering what his bloodlines are.
I was lucky enough to visit the UVM Morgan Horse Farm a couple of weeks ago.
Here is a link if you want to see some of their horses for sale.
UVM Morgan Horse Farm (http://asci.uvm.edu/morgan/?Page=horses.html&SM=horses_sub.html#performance)
My daughter and I would have loved to take UVM Makayla home with us, she's just gorgeous!
I have some photos of some of the horses there but I have been too busy to look through them and post them.
Let me know if you want to see some.

Thanks for posting some new photos of your handsome horses. :)

09-03-2007, 06:04 PM
I would love to see some pics! I actually do have his papers now. I spoke to his trainer this evening, she thinks he should be a show horse. She said that once she works on him a bit more he would win everything. He have great extension into his gaits. The barn owner, where I keep him, told her he ought to be a show horse as well. I guess I have a little diamond in the rough LOL. Unbenkownst to me. I ride him in western but actually just purchased an english saddle as well so I may try that on him. She said he would be a good english show horse.

I did follow his pedigree back from his dam and sirelines and he traces back to Croydon Prince, Croydon Mary, Sir Ethan Allen, and several others of the Lippitt line of horses. His sire is Ser-Gent's Bold Regret and his dam is Black Heiress.

BTW if ya'll need to get ahold of me or have questions, please PM me or send an email, I won't be checking the board for some time, thanks. I'd love to see pics of your visit and I'll check back to see them but I won't be around for a while. (only posting it so you don't think I'm ignoring any questions or I'm not interested in what you have to say) Thanks again for the nice comments!

09-06-2007, 08:56 PM
I love my horsey nephews :p. I will have to get out there and see them in person someday. But I love all the photos and the stories about them (even Gent's antics :p). Gensana so gentle and sweet, Gent so frisky and intelligent ;). I can't wait to see more of them!