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mickey blues mum
08-18-2007, 06:34 AM
Hi there , thought i'd introduce myself

I am from the UK and between me hubby and kids have 14 pets but have fostered / owned hundreds

I have 2 WSD (Border collies without the pedigree)
Sparky, b&w 7.5 years old (m)
Mickey, white, brown, black (tri coulour but don't look it) 2 years old (m)

(Mickey does agility and Sparky does whatever he wants lol)

4 Cats (all rescue)
Mavis, B&W age unknown (f)
Lucy, (sister to Mavis) White and Black age unknown (f)
KitKat, B&W 3-4 years old (M)
Lola, Tabby about 8 (f)

2 Budgies
Poppet, blue and white 3 years old (m)
Lady, bluey yellowey green 2 years old (f)

2 Rabbits (recent rescue)
Smudge, 2 years old , harlequin french lop (f)
Lucky, 2 years old (sister to Smudge) black, brown, flecks of harlequin, french lop (f)

4 Guinea pigs (all rescue)

Harry, black with ginger on back foot, age unknown (m)
Bramble black , white, ginger 1 year ish (f)
Amber, sort of gingerery brown (disabled) age unknown (f)
Tufty, Black white ginger with a tufty bottom age unknown (f)

All but the rabbits have been spayed / neutered.
Does anyone else have a manegerie of pets.

When i work out how i'll upload som photos of all our pets

Nice to see so many people here passionate about their animals

08-18-2007, 09:56 AM
Welcome to pet talk!! It's always great to have new members at we get to talk about yet more pets and see even more wonderful pictures - something we all love!!

Sounds like you've got a great collection of animals there. I've got a few myself, but no where near that many! Currently (and I say currently as we are always getting new editions!), we have:

2 cats (pics attached)
Louie - domestic shorthair tabby, 9 years old
Tigger - domestic longhair ginger and white, 2 years old

2 rabbits (pics attached)
Millie - dwarf lop, 4 years old
SweetPea - lion head, 3 years old

2 guinea pigs (brothers) (pic of Piglet attached)
Pooh - black and tan rosette, 6 months old
Piglet - mainly black with a little bit of tan rosette, 6 months old

1 hamster (pics in my signature)
Sausage - teddybear hamster, 4 months old

critter crazy
08-18-2007, 10:26 AM
Hello!! Welcome to PT!!! WOW!! You sure so have a bunch of critters!! Here is a List of our Current Pets:

1 Dog- Duke 2 yr old Neutered Bloodhound/Lab mix

7 cats-(2 of our own, 5 Fosters)
Mocha-11 month old Ragdoll Female(rescue)
Autumn-5 month old Torbie Femle (rescue)
Bagheera- 1-2 yr old Black DSH female, and her 4 babies(Foster)
Rashka- 4 week old Grey Tabby female(foster)
Akela-4 week old Brown tabby with white mittens female (foster)
Shanti- 4 week old Back and white female (foster)
Mowgli- 4 week old Black and White Male (foster)

1 Parakeet- Ozzy, 8 month old Blue and white Parakeet female

24 chickens-Various Breeds

75 Gallon Fish Tank-
7 Sunburst Platys
3 Blackskirt Tetras
2 Plecostomus
2 kuhli Loaches
2 Dwarf African Frogs
1 large Snail
4 Scissor tails

Hmmm.....I think that is all!:D

08-18-2007, 11:40 AM
Welcome. :D Can't wait to see pictures of your pets-
I am owned by
2 cats
Zippy 7yos tabby/white female
Pumpkin 4yos orange tabby female

4 bettas
Nemo-1yos orange dalmation male
Ruby-1yos red male
Liberty-1yos red/white/blue male
Coral-1yos purpleish/blue female
working on setting up a female betta community tank

housemate to(my mom's pets)-
Sweet P.-3yos quaker parrot green male
Piglet-1yos shorthaired guinea pig lite brown/white/dark brown male
Squeekie-around a year budgie/parakeet green and yellow male

08-18-2007, 02:31 PM
Nice to meet you. You have a lot of pets too!!

We have

3 Dogs
Angel (Maltese Pomeranian Mix)
Gretta (Poodle)
Sadie (Great Pyrenees)

3 Cats
Jasmine (Jasmine is their mother)

21 Ducks

1 Rabbit

Cadbury (Dutch)

1 Goat

Reese (Pygmy)

5 Birds

Peaches (Cockatiel--he is the daddy)
Sunny (Cockatiel--she is the mom)
Mango (Cockatiel--he is the son)
Cosmo (Cockatiel--she is the daughter
Ivory (Cockatoo)

I also have alot of fish!
they also have names too ;) but too many to think about!!!!

Suki Wingy
08-18-2007, 10:31 PM
Welcome! Sounds like you have some nice pets there. :)
I have one mutt, one rabbit, and one lizard.