View Full Version : Ozzy likes Rock N' Roll!!!

critter crazy
07-15-2007, 10:15 PM
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Hubby is watcing a AC/DC Video, and Ozzy is Just Chirping away!! He only chirps when he hears the music! It is too funny!! Maybe we should have named him Angus Young?????:D


Gonna have to try some Ozzy Osbourne next, see if he likes that as well!!:D

07-16-2007, 12:01 AM
Well of course he would like AC/DC.
Ozzy is an Aussie you know ??? :D

critter crazy
07-16-2007, 12:05 AM
Duh!!! I so forgot they were from Sydney!! He he he he he he he he!! I guess he knows his stuff!!:D

07-16-2007, 01:44 AM
Ozzy will be dancing and learning the words to "Jailbreak".....just before his escape !!!!! :D

07-16-2007, 01:58 AM
LOL! That's so cute! You should get a video of it. :D

07-16-2007, 05:52 AM
What a funny little girl. (yep I would bet money on it)