View Full Version : Lazy Hammock Days..

06-14-2007, 06:39 PM


Believe it or not, this is in a busy dog groomers! He can sleep through anything! :D I swear if I could fit into a hammock I would of crawled up and snoozed with him! :D

Hes become so much happier, he recovered well from being very weak now hes fit as a fiddle! he was very crafty earlier, I had a bowl of cherries out and he was sneaking them into his cage so quietly I went to grab a few and I caught him in the act lol He had about 10 slightly chewed cherries in his cage :rolleyes:

I recently had to rehome Reggie, Hes gone to someone whos kept 150 rats previously and she jumped at the chance of keeping my boy, Shes amazed as how friendly he is and she is spoiling him rotten! Reggie was making Ronnie so ill, Ronnie was so scared of Reggie that he stopped eating and drinking so something had to be done, I cried my eyes out but its the best thing for him, I couldnt afford to have him castrated and I didnt want to leave him alone all day as hes a very sociable rat. :( I know Im probably going to get blasted about not being able to afford vet care but I did what I thought was best for him.

06-15-2007, 11:48 PM
Ronnie looks very comfortable! I'd climb in there too if I could fit! :D