View Full Version : Wanted: Rabbit Pictures

Blue Dragonfly
06-04-2007, 08:01 AM
ok, i recently put in a thread that requested your pets pictures from a website i was creating. the pictures were great, but the animals in the pictures were varied. Now i will go by certain types of animals. First up, the rabbit. also can you please answer as many of these questions as possible.

Name of you and your pet/s:
Age of pet (when the pic was taken):
Gender of pet:
Colour type: ( eg. himalayan, havana)
Body type: (eg. new zealand giant, netherland dwarf, or crosses between breeds)
Coat type: (eg. lion head, rex, cashmere)
Any interesting info or stories about your pets:
Links to your sites:
Any tips or information on rabbits.

Even if you don;t have a rabbit, if you know some tips, please post here. Sometimes it is the pet owners that are really able to help with problems. No offense to the vets. lol.

Thanks for the help.