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05-07-2007, 08:18 PM
Ok this is an unusual topic, and until recently i never had heard the term or knew what it was.

It has been brought to my attention by some controversy happening here in my city.

Let me explain, as it happens a university student has been given a scholarship of taxpayers money to study boguns to complete his PHD, the sum is one hundred thousand dollars and twenty five of that is for living expenses.

There has been so much media attention, in the local papers, on the radio and on the televison, our 20/20 Programme devoting time to the subject and the student.

The thing is the student is my next door neighbour Dave, a nicer person you could not meet, great neighbour, and a guy who despite having the debilitating illness Chrons (sp) disease is a top achiever, these only go to the top ten students.

Just curious on your thoughts about this subject, Boguns are people who are into heavy metal music, head banging that sort of thing, a very quick description of their lifestyle.

Personally i do think it is a bit of a waste, but i also believe Dave has worked his butt off and deserves it as much as the next person, and i for one appauld his efforts,obviously there is great debate on this at the moment, and sadly i donot think his interview did him any favours in that department, he did come across as a very intelligent ,nice guy, which he is, but the rest made a lot of people think he was weird and needs locking up, especially the older generation,your thoughts please.