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04-18-2007, 09:17 AM
First I want to say I lost my little boy JEB,It will be a year in June.Solid black Yorkie Poo.I miss him so much,a 57 year man that crys like a baby,I had him creamated so I am with him all the time.
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about our hummers.When we take there feeders inside to clean them,every 3 days.When I come back out the door the hummers will drink out of my hand.We have 3 feeding places where we can watch them from inside the house.Some of the males are mean little things.Boy and some are real studs.When they start the breeding the birds will fly way up in the air then down to the ground.of course we have names for some and some we call pirates that try to sneak in and drink but the hummers that own the feeder sit way up in our palm trees ready to ambush the pirates..We love them.

Now for the house finchs,Those are my red boys.Maybe 6-8 are bright red and thats the ones the ladies want.They are good foragers.My birds helps keep me busy plus my plants,yard.I live in the Phoenix area.It can get very hot.Now it in the 80s nice.Monday my wife of 25 yrs said come quick.We had a Northern Cardinal.Boy did he have a black mask.He was a bandit.He stayed for about 1 minute and then he left as fast as he came.We have many other birds but we really care for these..

I want to say I love all of our Lords furbabies.I try to help the shelters with a little money and some time.. Bob

We have to two Verdins,our male has a yellow throat,face area.WE ARE NOT ABLE TO GET CLOSE TO THEM.sorry about that..And our Cactus Rean.We call them the diggers,because the way they hunt for food.

04-19-2007, 08:23 PM
Sorry about your Jeb.

I'd love to see some pictures of your wild 'pets' as well. :D

04-20-2007, 09:30 AM
Hi,I got a camera but I am having trouble uploading photos.I just go it.I have all the extras.I will figure it out.Before we put the pool in one year we had 15 baby Quail ,born under the stack of firewood .I think 10 lived.We have a Biscon-Poo doggy.Sis is 4-5.My wife Diane knows.Sis hangs with her .Jeb was my little man.Dear Lord ,I miss him .
Well I have always loved birds.I put so suet out for the birds this morning.WE live in the desert.We can go just 30 miles and its all new line of birds.We seen a Vermillion Fly Catcher.They are bright red.He was up by Wickenburg,Az..We went there the day we got married 25 yrs ago.And I love my wife more every day.I want to share my pics and thoughts we my friends here.I will have the Geeks come help me.Have many of you been to the desert.It can be a cruel place but it is so fragile in some areas.My place was where Zane Gray wrote some great books.But we had the Dude Creek Fire and most everything was lost.We lost I think 4-6 fire fighters,some were from the prison.My memory is shot,but the jest is correct.My spelling is bad.I left school early for a good reason,Lets drop that..
My birds keep me going,I have R.A.Peripheral Neuropathy .And after 10 yrs my Doc gave me some dif meds and I am alot better.I have taken every pill made.I am sick of pills..I am so sorry for rantting and raving..I feel good.And thanks to some old friends that come here.Kate you rascal,and severl others..I have got to do my chores.Love to all.Bob