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12-23-2000, 07:32 AM
In my opinion,without any doubt the king of the dog kingdom is the English Mastiff.As a gift between royalty in days gone by,someone once said"The English Mastiff is to the dog kingdom what the lion is to the cat,and all others fall beneath it".male English Mastiffs weigh between 11 and 16 stone and are fawn or brindle usually in colour,and are both brave and gentle,they will guard you with there life.I would love to hear a case against the mastiff.Our English Mastiff,George is 11 stone but he is only 10 months old,and he cost 60.00 a month to feed.He slobbers a lot and does not know his own strengh!The great Dane is taller,but lacks the power of the mastiff,who in the past went to war with there owners ,long before guns.All other breeds of mastiff come from the English Mastiff,without doubt he is the king of the dog kingdom!!!!!!

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01-07-2001, 02:11 PM
In my opinion a German Shepherd is dog king of the Kingdom, they're smart, protective, companionalble, ect.

Sophies Daddy
01-07-2001, 10:30 PM
In my opinion, the Papillon is the king of the dog kingdom. Their assertiveness with large dogs often cowers the big guys. More often than not, a small or medium sized dog with any agressiveness and agility will back down larger dogs.

I have also seen a four pound Japanese Chin cause Great Danes and Newfoundlands to turn tail and run the other way. She is quite the terror of the neighborhood and she doesn't even have any teeth!

As far as size is concerned, the Tibetan Mastiff and the St. Bernard are tied for the largest AKC registered breeds. They both top out at a whopping 200lbs. As with any breed, this is the acceptable weight range and some specimens may get larger than the breed standard. The tallest is the Irish Wolfhound which ranges up to 34" at the withers.

It has been a while since I have heard anyone use stone as a mass measurement. Since I do not have my conversion book handy, what is a stone in kg. or lbs.?

I do not want to cause an argument, but the origins of the mastiff breed are not clear. My sources state that the breed was developed throughout Europe and Asia many thousands of years ago. The Romans are said to have brought them to the British Isles during their expansion as the guard dogs of the garrisons. There is also debate that the mastiff as we know it today probably descended from the Molossian, a dog of great size and ferocity bred for war in the Mediterranean, but that this may also be in doubt considering the range of the breed was far greater than that of the empires. It most certainly was developed on the mainland, however.

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01-07-2001, 11:15 PM
Well, the kingship goes to the Welsh Corgis, of course.

Oh wait. I'm wrong. Corgis are the court jesters.

01-08-2001, 12:57 AM
I'm with Strawberry_Puff13...GSDs rule!!!

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01-08-2001, 06:36 PM
I say the Doberman and MIXED BREEDS of course

01-09-2001, 12:38 PM
There are no kings in our house, but the Queens of my Kingdom are Golden Retrievers wrapped up in packages called Honey and Lilly!!!! They can look very regal at times. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

01-09-2001, 10:04 PM
I agree with Sophie's Dad that some little dogs are born to reign as the kings & queens of the dog world. I'm a tibetan spaniel, small is size, but known in the East as the Lion Dog because of our strong hearts & minds. I was nominated for a Canine Hero Award for saving a little girl so I stood proudly among german shepherds & other big dogs.
Sophie's Dad is right, too, about the tibetan mastiff. My big tibetan mastiff cousin is a Size King of the dog world, with a wonderful temperament to match. My little tibetan spaniel sister once ran away at a huge dog show. After much anxious searching, her breeder found her sitting with absolute confidence at the feet of a huge tibetan mastiff. My little tibbie sister knew that she was safe under the eyes of one of the Kings of the Dog World.
Angel, the tibetan spaniel

01-09-2001, 10:39 PM
I'm not sure about kings or queens, but I have a Pug and a basset/lab mix and they have totally conquered my heart. Bandit (my Pug) is the sweetest, most calm, most lovable pup I have ever met. Jeffrey (basset/lab) has certainly tried my patience but he has made leaps and bounds in the past 5 months. I love them dearly. No kings here but just loving devoted pets and their owners! Bless you all for having and loving your wonderful dogs!

01-13-2001, 03:57 PM
I think the best dog is Cavalier king charles spaniels, just like my adorable dog Breagh.

01-29-2001, 06:42 PM
BEAGLES r the King and Queens of the universe. THey r sssssssssoooooooooo cute and cuddlely and i love the way they look at u like they know they r adorable, and they love to get scratched.

01-29-2001, 08:30 PM

02-13-2001, 06:19 PM
Now don't you people know anything? http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/tongue.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

The Rottweiler is King of the dog kingdom.

Daisy's Mom
02-13-2001, 07:14 PM
Bassets are the court jesters too, Smilla! Those short dogs are just the funniest!

Daisy's Mom
02-13-2001, 07:19 PM
Daisy here. I saw what Mom posted and I disagree. I am a very royal girl, definitely Kween material. My Mom's mommy always looks at the white fur with black speckles on my neck and calls it king fur, because it looks like the fur kings used to trim their capes with or somethin' like that. Yah Bassets are the Kweens. Whether Mom wants to admit it or not. I bet she knows the truth. She TREATS me like a Kween anyway http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

02-14-2001, 10:02 PM
Well all yall are wrong the Queen of all dogs is the beagle/dachsund Because thats what kind mine is. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

02-19-2001, 05:46 PM
I agree with lizzy2689 100%
Of course I have a King and Queen beagle so I have to say that :0)