View Full Version : my horrible day [[rant]]

03-27-2007, 06:19 PM
Didn't know where to put this, but I had to rant.

Today was HORRIBLE. 1st hourwas decent enough, until we went to the LGI room for info on our schedules(we had to pick the electives we want next year). All my friends were buggin me and basically teasing me because I chose German, Art, Creative Writing(theythought this was hilarious) and especially that i wanted to compete for a spot in an advanced LA class. It was embarrasing. The I went to health. The quarter ends on Thursday, and then I'm off to Spanish, so o course we're doing reproductive ed. This is real fun. My 'friend' was all, "it doesn't bother me. I'm too mature for it." until it started. And she was laughing at making me laugh(i cant not laugh when someone else is) so the teacher saw me and singled me out saying, "if you arehaving trouble in class, like ms. melanie here, then you might want to sitout in the hall"or something like that. And of course my friend didn't get in trouble. I didn't have to leave, though. Then in choir my teacher got mad at me bc i wasn't hitting the high notes. I'm sorry but I have a cold right now so I can't really hit them. So I decided to drop out on the high notes and she yelled at me for that, saying I still had to try in her class. In LA, we went outside bc it was so warm. I was BURNING UP! And there was no shade, so of course my teacher wouldn't let me go inside. I seriously felt sick. Math wasn't bad, but I literally sprinted to my mom's car after school. (which wasn't bad, I love running). And we had a thunderstorm, and my dog FREAKED OUT at thunder. Which she has never done before. What a great day.

Sorry to make you listen to my problems, but I had to get it out.