View Full Version : Update on riding!

03-24-2007, 08:52 AM
WOOHOO! I went to my riding lesson and we went over BIIG jumps. well.. they were big for me...

Hehe I don't know how big exactly they were...but how about this. The first one was 1 board, 2 poles high. the second one was 3 boards high, and it was an oxar...so there was a second set of standards with a pole after it. And the third one was 3 boards high. I don't know if the boards and poles make any sense...I don't know if the size of them varies like outside of the US.. but they are the biggest I've ever jumped. And I was jumping them on little Joey. Hehe he's not too tiny...how about this. His shoulder comes up to around my shoulder and I'm like 5' 4"-5' 5". But the funny thing is that Krystal was jumping those jumps too and the's like a full hand or two shorter then Joey. But anyways... Joey refused the second jump (oxar) 4 tmes in a row! Normally I get kinda worked up about it, but today I was laughing my head off. Especially when Jess just had me come back and let Krystal go - and she cleared it the first time! I was just having a good time. And then my release was doing alot better, I didn't catch him in the mouth once!

And after, it was warm so we got to let our horses cool out across the driveway/street thing. Theres this big meadow with a path like beaten into it around the edge...Its as close to trail-riding as I get there. I love it though.

Now for sad news! The State Line Tack shop in the petsmart near me is closing!!! But I got a $10 gift card to it(from it!) so my mom and I are gonna go there before it leaves and stock up on horse treats I guess...lol. I want to get a lead rope, but I don't know whether my mom will let me. :\


PS - When Joey refused the jumps...I had a moment alot like on Obie...but I kinda thought about the stuff my instructor and you guys told me and we eventually got over it. 2 times. In a row. With 5 then 5 strides in between. Just like Jess wanted. :]