View Full Version : The Cavalier was stolen again!

03-05-2007, 05:01 PM
Due to the horrible storm we had last thur & the lack of gas, I had to leave the car here at work.

Today was my first day back cause of the storm. I left my desk at 5pm & went to where I left the car. couldn't find it. So I looked on a nother level of the parking garage thingy.. nope not there either..

I rushed back to the office & called Security, who got me to call parking inforcement with Peel Police... They are the only ones who would know which company towed it.. they said only 1 company deals with city toweing, so I called them. The toweing guy was a bu of a *Caugh* cause I didn't know the plate number. I explained its not my car, but I drive it to work. I said I just got it back from being stolen & this cannot be happening. He said hold on.. he looked at all the towings & ther was none for our address!!


I called Chad crying as I feel horrible & cannot believe this is even happening!!!
I think I told him i was sorry a billion times before I told him what happened. Chad calmed me down & I spit it out. " I cannot find the car" I looked & looked & looked... Maybe I missed it, but I swear i cannot find it. I don't know the plates, so I was just looking for a 2 door black car & all the cars were 4 door. So I went onto a different floor & checked there, just incase. Nope nothing...

Chad started laughing & told me to relax. Its not my fault the car was stolen again. He thought it was funny that the car was stolen again.

I HATE HATE HATE this car now... My first time driving the car i left the lights on & killed the battery (I was still new to driving, so I forgot about the lights).. I replaced the battery that day & said sorry a million times.. & here I am again. I just got the car back & started driving it to work again & it gets stolen :(

I'm soooo stressed my chest hurts (I know its anxiety) a lot. I'm so tense & so hot (sweating buckets)...