View Full Version : Human Shampoo

06-27-2002, 11:57 AM
Does anyone know if you can use it on dogs? We ran out of doggie shampoo and Jo needs a bath...

06-27-2002, 11:58 AM
it's not recommended... The PH levels are different in it to dog shampoo...

06-27-2002, 12:00 PM
Thanks. I guess I'll go buy some ;]

06-27-2002, 12:00 PM
i think its not good on dogs. Chemical's too strong for their coat. :cool:

06-27-2002, 12:09 PM
I think it's fine. Although i'm not a dog expert, my neighbor uses human shampoo on their dogs. Their coat is fine.

06-27-2002, 01:43 PM
I have used human shampoo, but only when I am out of doggie shampoo. Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo is good stuff to use.

06-27-2002, 01:46 PM
My old vet told me it was OK to use certain human shampoos on dogs. Something gentle like Johnson and Johnson Baby shampoo and also recommended Aveno Oatmeal Shampoo for a shiny coat.

06-27-2002, 02:44 PM
I've used human shampoo on occasion, too. Didn't seem to harm their coat.

06-27-2002, 04:37 PM
Dad was out, so I didn't have any money. I used some of my shampoo, not a lot, just a little to get rid of the dirt/smell stuff. Her coat seems fine now, shes smells good, and her coat is shinny. Very soft too :] I hear her coat is very soft for a labs..Could it be the golden in her that makes her fur soft??

06-27-2002, 07:28 PM
I have also heard that baby shampoo is fine- even preferable according to our dog obedience trainer :)

06-28-2002, 04:43 AM
I only use baby shampoo on Sadie. I think it helps her to not smell too dog-like, until the next time she rolls in poop and garbage.