View Full Version : . . . Heeeere's Muskrat!!!

06-25-2002, 08:49 PM
Here she is!!!!! The first photo is after she was beginning to get used to me (notice the alert ears) and she is cuddling with her stuffed kitty, and the second is the morning after she was first trapped (not a happy camper!). The other day I took about 10 photos of her, and this time had the presence of mind to OPEN the cage door so the bars weren't obstructing . . . duh! So when I get the film developed there should be better ones to come.:)


Sara luvs her Tinky
06-25-2002, 09:50 PM
What a beautiful tortie girl..... no she doesn't look happy in that second pic.... can't wait to see the others... are you gonna keep her or are you just having her spayed? anyway she is just beautiful!!! :D

06-30-2002, 03:53 PM
Oh, yes! I am keeping her . . . read all about my progress with her in "It's A Good Feeling . . . " . She is FeLV+ so she can't be introduced to LIly and Debra, but Meeshe is also FeLV+ so if he accepts her maybe she can room with him! She is a dollbaby and has let me put a necklace on her recently! :)

06-30-2002, 04:34 PM
What a sweetheart she is! :) She does look scared on the second picture, but I bet she's feeling great now, with her stuffed kitty and you to spoil her! :D

She looks a LOT like Fister's mum! She went to RB last year. :(

07-01-2002, 03:28 PM
Ahhh, what a cutey. You're awesome for doing this Avajoy :)