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02-04-2007, 08:25 AM
Hi everyone, after reading Charlie's thread on Pet of the Day, it had me thinking and crying about my passed rabbit named Baby. I think some of you have already heard about Baby before. But I wanted to create a thread just for her and explaining her in detail because she deserves it so much.

When I first got my rabbit I was only 13 or 14. I had been going to a church and met some friends there. And one of my friends told me about 4-H and how he has bunnies that he takes there. The idea of having a pet bunny through me for a loop when I heard it. At that age I never even knew rabbits could be pets. So I thought about it for awhile and later I asked my parents if I could get a bunny and go in 4-H with it.

At first they weren't too sure about having a bunny in the house (I can't have an outdoor bunny since I live in a trailier park. And I also don't like my bunnies being outside, I love my pets in the house with me.) But after thinking over it for awhile they decided I could have one. So we drove about 45 minutes out to a breeder that was well-known around my county, and once I got there she had a few babies ready to go. There were brown ones and black ones, but most of all White Albino ones which always catch my eye.

The breeder let me pick the white bunny up and as soon as I held her I fell in love with her. She still was very scared and nervous but she seemed to have something about her that I loved. So I got her and when I got home I couldn't think of any name that suited her except for Baby.

Through the whole two years that I had her, we grew so close, unseperable. She would always greet me with a face licking, always come when I called her. She could sit in my hand like a cup and I could walk around with her like that. She would sit in a chair or couch like a human, with me sitting beside her, and she even liked to float on her back in the tub when I fill it up with nice water for her. She had so many things about her that I fell in love with, and I think she quickly fell in love with me too, it didn't take long after I got her for her to trust me like no other.

Despite all of that ever since I got her she had always had bladder and diarrhea problems. From about a year and on me and my mom had always had to wash her bum bum for her, it would get so dirty. She had regular poos too, but most of the time she had diarrhea. We tried to figure out what it was, but all the food she was given was the right food bunnies should have.
So we continued to do the same thing for her.

At the age of two she had to be put down. One day I noticed her eye was bulging out of it's socket. I kept her for a long time with her eye like that but it only looked like it was getting worse. I asked the vet what it is and if it could be fixed. They told me it is either a tumour behind her eye, an abcess, or a siss and that they could do surgery on her, but it had a very low rate of her surviving through it. At the time I as young and wasn't able to have a job yet or with all my might I would have paid for her surgery just to be able to keep her as long as I could. But at the time I couldn't get a job since I was too young, so the only option I had was to put her down. I was absolutely devastated. This girl was my unseperable soul mate, I couldn't imagine my life even continuing without her. I'm tearing up right now. So before we took Baby to be put to sleep. Me and her spent a whole night together on my bed just watching movies and me talking to her. I gave her her favorite treats and everything she likes most. The day I had her put to sleep killed me inside. After letting her go I cried for a long time and still do cry sometimes even since, and that was back in 2002 that we put her to sleep.

I couldn't help but keep wondering if she knows I loved her more than anything in the world and if she is happy. I Just hope that she didn't think I was abandoning her when she was being put to sleep. More than anything I just hope she knew how much I loved her. Right now I still miss her so much.

And I hope that she can look down on me from the RB and be happy to know that I am now sharing my love with another rabbit and giving her the same love as I did her. I'm sorry if this was way to long to read, and for those who did read it thank you so much, it means alot that you care about me and my rabbit Baby. :)

02-04-2007, 11:52 AM
That was a really good story, Kalei. I know how much you loved Baby and how much she loved you. I also know that she will forever be a part of you. She is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you and will run into your arms someday again.