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02-02-2007, 12:20 AM

AARRFF is on a mission to get 20.. yes 20, neglected horses out of freezing conditions, funds, horse blankets, food, etc is needed.
Here is the information I have just recieved from AARRFF. I will know more, and hopefully have pictures on Sunday.
If you feel you can help in anyway please contact AARRFF via thier website www.aarrff.org (http://www.aarrff.org/) for more information

Hi Jill,
I got an email from a gal.
She told me about a horse neglect case (20 some horses) about 90 minutes from me. I went to meet her and the horses yesterday.

There are about 10 beautiful full-sized horses...they have bad living conditions, but nothing that the law will do anything about. BUT I found another ten tucked into small enclosures that have basically no food, water, bedding...and 3 of them are closed in this stall so that they CANNOT even hardly turn around .

Her and I did some property searches...I have found the owner of the property, not sure yet if that is the "owner" of the horses. So on Sunday morning I am driving 2 hours to the "owners" property to see if they have other horses there. Then I am drving back to the place of the horses. Jill is meeting me there with hay. I will have apples a camera and medication for this one horse that has its eyes sealed shut with gunk.

I want to get these horses out!!!
I am going to try to "buy" these horses freedom
If I offer her $100 per horse, that is still $2,000
I have to get those 3 in that one pen OUT...they can't turn around
they are going to need vaccinations, vet checks, farrier, and good food,
it is the middle of winter here...orchard grass is curently $260 per ton
three tons for now at like $760 to get them by for a month or two!

These horses have NO shelter and NO fresh water! They are given STRAW to eat and to sleep and poop on!!! Everything else is MUD!!!
I am going to get things ready for 20 horses to come here...at least 7 of them are miniatures!

The "owner" (which the county won't tell us who she is) knows she has already been turned in, and the animal control guy says "I think she is a hoarder"! But won't do ANYTHING

02-03-2007, 12:55 PM
Cross-posted to the Fans of Barbaro message board who are extremely active in horse rescue.

02-11-2007, 08:43 PM
Any news?

02-21-2007, 07:26 PM
Im a big horse lover and Ill try to get as much stuff as I can to help those poor things!