View Full Version : Just For Fun-PICs of my girlies REAL heights!

12-09-2006, 11:52 PM
lol ok it drives me nuts when even people who see Happy in RL belive she is tiny, I mean the amount of people that asked why Happy was not the height dog in flyball..when she was the BIGGEST dog in our club! this is because she is always always hunched, it is very very rare when she stand up tall. Misty scews it even more because she is bred for cattle making her very upright, she is very rarly crouched, and usually standing and sitting up as staright and tall as possable. so I had an idea, I took pics... I have a basket so that all the dogs pics would be taken is the same spot, and the camera was never moved from its location between pics, so all the pics are exactly the same distance from the dog. the height comparision in with the chair in the background, I drew a line from the dogs shoulders to the top of the chair in each pic, and I held all the dogs to prevent slouching or standing on tip toes lol the results?


Misty, only slightly larger:

then Happy.. a full 3 inches taller then Misty and 4 inches taller then Lectra

lol and there you have it, pics that prove that Misty really isnt taller then Happy!

12-10-2006, 05:20 AM
thanks for the photos Shayna they are very interesting and show the girls heights well. I have probably asked before but how tall are the girls again?

12-10-2006, 07:32 AM
She looks pretty tall to be a height dog to me! All our height dogs are either JRT's or Border/Staffies. I bet she's quick though! Either way she's beautiful!

12-10-2006, 09:24 AM
lol yup, but when she is always crouching people just assumed that she was small enugh to be a height dog on the all BC team, her sister is the height dog on that team she is 18" so if they thought Happy should have been height dog over Punch, then they must have though Happy was smaller then 18" lol and the funny thing is? we could have used her as a height dog if we wanted and simpley did not take her for the measurments and picked a low height and nobody would have questioned it lol in agility she jumps 22" and everyone comes up to me asking why on earth I am making her jump that high, I mean obvioulsy she should not be jumping higher then 16" lol

and there heights are:

12-10-2006, 01:48 PM