View Full Version : What games your pets like to play?

12-05-2006, 07:25 PM
he that's the description for the sections so we should ask and answer that.

Pua(anteater) like to play wrestle and play fight and she does like point my toes and fingers with her claws.

Quasi(dog) will play fight with his sister sometimes and enjoys digging at cuchions but mostly he's all busness.

Hyzzie(dog) loves to play keep away, chase the toy, toss the toy, growl and play bite, play wrestle and just run around like a maniac. she aslo enjoys chasing the elusive snow balls. She has yet to retreive one but after a bit I throw a real ball for her to find.

Kat(cat) doesn't play much but will kick at balls and play with a cat feather teaser.

Jupiter (bunny) just occasionaly does mad hopes around the room

Dragon Fly and Lady Bug (guinea pigs) I don't think really play. Lady bug will sometimes run around and hop a bit when happy.