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11-27-2006, 01:51 PM
As some of you might remember, Sequoia has had issues with other dogs. We have spent the 2.5 yrs we have had her now trying to understand and work with her on this issue. We have come to realize in the last year that it is mainly just dogs other than huskies and malamutes that she has issues with. At last August's Ice Cream social for dogs she was fine with this HUGE male malamute and another female husky she at least didn't growl at. But another husky mix that walked by got a wooo and a play bow but when he didn't respond to her in kind she got ticked off and snarled at him. A husky breeder and trainer was watching her and said she has her husky issues. That if another dog doesn't speak Siberian then she doesn't want them around her.

So yesterday we were over by Michael's Arts and Crafts and Petco which are right next door to each other. A person we had met last summer came walking over with her new husky pup. She had bought Maya last summer and had her shipped from Indiana to here. She is the prettiest little black and white with blue eyes. We had met her in Petco the day before Maya was supposed to arrive and talked for almost 2 hours about huskies. We gave her our phone number but never heard from her again until we saw her yesterday.

She brought Maya over and we cautiously allowed the two girls to meet. Well....one sniff of the faces and Sequoia went down into play bow and Maya jumped on Sequoia's head and away they went. Without the limits which are set at the Ice Cream Social's the two were able to really play. So there we all stood for about 30 minutes with the two dogs on their retractable leashes just playing and romping and wrestling each other down.

Even though Maya is about 7 months and only about half as large as Sequoia she gave as good as she got. Sequoia would knock her down and Maya would jump back up on top of Sequoia. Then Sequoia would bow and put her head on the ground and Maya would sit on her! They both placed their mouths over the others muzzles but Maya was the only one to present her belly and throat to Sequoia.

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to watch them romp together. We have had Sequoia for almost 2.5 years and this is the first time she has really been able to play with another dog. She has met a couple of male huskies before. One named Merlyn was just huge and the two of them got about a quick 5 minutes of wrestling time which was so much rougher than what Sequoia and Maya did but that has been pretty much it. We don't feel comfortable taking her to the local dog park because of her aggression with other breeds.

Sequoia was such a happy girl! You could just see the laughter in her pant and in her eyes. She has this way of looking at you with her mouth wide open and then tipping her chin up in an almost backward nod when she is really happy. She kept doing that to me in the car until she was so tired from the play and the car ride that she just put her head down on her paws and fell asleep.

Maya's mom and I have promised to get in touch and set up a real play date. Neither of us have a good fenced in yard but they could bring Maya over and we can just let them loose in the house. We will definately take pictures then!

It made a momma's heart just sing seeing her Sequoia so happy! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Ginger's Mom
11-27-2006, 02:17 PM
Ah Denyce, it is nice to hear that Sequoia has a friend she can really play with. I remember how happy you were that she did so well at the ice cream social. Maybe you can set up a time when Maya and Sequoia can meet at the park when no other dogs are there (around here if I have a dog I am not sure of I take him/her to the park between 9:15 and 10:00 on a Sunday morning, there usually isn't anyone there). And take a camera with you. ;)

11-27-2006, 07:34 PM
Aw, that's terrific! I'm happy for Sequoia! I have noticed that sibes do speak a language all their own - they growl when they want to play, which freaks out other dogs & their owners. They love to play bite-my-face, and body slam games. Play time can sound like life and death. It's funny - Star plays with everybody, but Sherman only likes to play with other huskies or dogs the same color he is.
Good luck getting together, sounds like you all enjoyed it!

11-27-2006, 11:00 PM
I have noticed that sibes do speak a language all their own - they growl when they want to play, which freaks out other dogs & their owners. They love to play bite-my-face, and body slam games. Play time can sound like life and death.

YES! Body slams! Sequoia will do that to my hubby all the time. Every now and then she will come running at me and leap in the air and body slam me. But most of the time I manage to avoid it. It is painful to have a 60 pound dog slam you while they are launched into the air! *L* Especially if they are carrying a large stick! It freaks me out let alone the other dogs. What was really cute was Maya sitting on Sequoia's face! My bengal cat Trouble does the same thing to one of our other cats.