View Full Version : No rib dinner for us last night...lol

11-26-2006, 12:46 PM
My dad had fixed these ribs and it had taken him forever to get them right... he had gone upstairs and nobody was in the kitchen. I was downstairs (on Pet Talk) and when I went upstairs for a drink of water... Sandy had jumped up on the counter and was chowing down on the ribs! "Cassandra!" I yelled and she looked at me and split... right out the door! My dad had left it open when he had gone out to get some stuff for the dinner. I knew she wouldn't go far, she knows better than that. But she also knew better than jumping up on the counter and eating our dinner! Well, she had a fancy little dinner, we had to have microwave ones :rolleyes: And yes, after an hour or two outside in her dog house, she did come back in. That dog.....