View Full Version : To every scottish folds lovers

06-11-2002, 02:22 AM
I really wish someone in this talk can help me and guild me on how to place a picture below ur user name and how to place an attachment like for e.g. a picture. Coz i'm really eager to show every cat lovers some cuter pictures of cats and my favourite dream cat ...a scottish fold. They're real adorable!!! Gaz i've got to keep this pictures to myself until someone teaches me how to... :o :( :confused: :eek: :mad:

06-11-2002, 02:54 AM
Hi Ling,

Welcome. The photo under your name is called an avatar. I'm not sure how to do it myself, I had LOTS of help. If you are interested, do a 'search' -- top right hand corner of each thread and/or main page for "avatar AND help". Several people have posted suggestions previously.

The photos that come up automatically must be posted somewhere on the web. Several places will allow you to post for free. I'm assuming you don't already have a webpage available. I post at Webshots, but they aren't as obliging as they were when I started there. How large are your photos? If they are <= 60 Kbits, you can send them here as an attachment and people can click on the link to see them. Is this something you are interested in, or do you prefer the automatic viewing of photos? Here below is an attachment of my Livvy sprawling behind a chair: