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Toby's my baby
11-06-2006, 10:24 PM
I'm finally back!! I've missed PT so much!! You can see my old thread here (http://www.petoftheday.com/talk/showthread.php?t=115382). We got the computer fixed without having to buy a whole new hard drive. Unfortunatly they weren't able to save any photo's. I have a lot of them on photobucket so I'll just have to resave them all.

Nothing new has really gone. All of the babies are happy with the nice weather we are having. 40 - 50 degrees! In Minnesota! Something happend to me last Tuesday too, I'm not sure what it was, possibly another anxiety attack. It was durring my Phy Ed class, right after I ran 300 yards for this test, and I ran it really fast (63 sec.) and something happend after ward. If it happens again, I going to head off to the doctor, but hopefully everything will be ok.

I'm trying to catch up on everything, its good to see that everyone is doing good, and may Corinna rest in peace.

11-06-2006, 10:38 PM
Welcome back! I'm happy to find out that your computer problems are fixed and you're with us again. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh as well, temps at 60 degrees and sunny (we'll pay for this weather later on!). Everyone here is very saddened with the passing of Corinna.

Daisy and Delilah
11-07-2006, 06:36 AM
Welcome back!! I hope you feel better. Be careful hon!! :)