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11-25-2000, 12:56 PM
My dog Zues (border collie/rotty X) jumps our fence we have raised it 2 times. First it was 4 feet, he can clear that with out touching it. Then we added chicken fencing to that and made it 6 feet he can clear that. then we bought deer netting and added it on to the chicken wire and made it about 8 1/2 feet and he can Make it over that.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can keep my dog inside the fence?

11-25-2000, 03:30 PM
Coupla questions: Is he neutered? Is he going to the same place when he jumps the fence? These are questions you nay need to address to determine why he's going over the fence. If he's intact and there's a "girlfriend" around this will be more difficult. The easiest answer is an anti-jump harness which doesn't allow the dog to get the stretch for take-off that he has without it. Is he actually jumping the fence or climbing it? You might consider putting a mild charge to the fence to keep him off. Nothing to hurt him, just enough to discourage climbing. It's really scary when a large dog like this gets out, because people who don't know that he's more likely to lick them to pieces than attack may call the authorities on him and have him taken away, so make sure his tags are current and on him at all times.
The other thing I would suggest is get him involved in obedience training, agiltiy, flyball (Border Collies are the dog of choice in this sport), frisbee, anything to keep him worn out. You have a dog that probably has more brains than he knows what to do with and is most likely BORED. Is he out all the time? Do you interact with him for more than 15 minutes at a time? Find this way-too-smart dog something to occupy his mind and he should stop doing the Houdini routine. Good luck.

11-25-2000, 04:06 PM
No he is not neutered. but will be soon. when he jumps he's usally chasing cats or other small animals. I have taken him to agility classes he passed the beginners with flying colors. I was going to sign him up for the intermediate but the place I took him to stopped doing classes. The next neares place I have found is in New York.
I have thought of using the electric fence thing but he doesn't touch the fence when he jumps. I don't know if the anti-jump jarness will work because he'll probaly just chew it off

11-26-2000, 01:22 PM
He jumps 8' WITHOUT TOUCHING THE FENCE????? Man, you ought to put him in Grand Prix Jumpers!
There is always the danger of him chewing off the harness. Have you ever tried Bitter Apple with him? If it works like it's supposed to with him (I hear it tastes AWFUL), you could put it on the harness so he wouldn't be as inclined to chew it.
How large is the yard? Is there any way to fence off part just for him that he can't get as good a running start to go over the fence? Have you tried tilting the top part inward? It might help if it isn't straight up, but slanting inward so he has to clear width as well as height. I would definately have him neutered, though, it would slow him down for a few days anyway -- he'd be too sore to jump just after the surgery.
You don't mention if he's a totally outdoor dog -- is he? You might even have to consider using a tie-out that won't reach the fence (so he won't hang himself) made of airline cable which should be difficult to chew through. Let us know how it goes.
Just had another thought, if you try the charge to the fence, you might try taking him on his lead up to the fence and encourage him to touch it. If he does, he'll get a surprise and it might slow him down some. You'll have to do it several different places, or he'll just avoid the spots you touched. You also might consider one of the electronic containment systems put just inside his take-off range and train him to respect that. Beyond that, I'll have to cogitate on this more. Good luck.

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11-26-2000, 07:56 PM
Zues is not an outdoor dog he and the other two dogs only stay outside as long as it takes them to do their buisness. I thought of bending the top of the fence so it would be harder to jump I think i'm going to do that next.
Zues doesn't need room to jump he can clear the fence at a stand still. I think I 'm going to have to enter him in grand prix jumpers. Thanks for your ideas

11-27-2000, 02:45 AM
That's a dog and a half!!
Bending the top of the fence is what I would try first. If he still manages it, and he sounds like super dog, you may have to resign yourself to putting him on a long line while he toilets. As he is only out for a few minutes this shouldn't be too much hassle- good luck!