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10-27-2006, 12:13 PM
Happy was born 6 years ago today, I still remeber the day I brought her home on January 8th 2001, I had gone to look at quite a few puppys trying to find one for me, I almost got a puppy named "Ready" or his year old half sister, who was already started on sheep. then I almost adopted a GSP named Max, but when we got back to the shelter to introduce him to Shadow he had already been adopted. all sorts of things like this just led me closer and closer to Happy. on January 8th I got home from school to find both my mom and dad on the computer, my mom had seen an ad for BC pups at western feeds, with the URL to the breeders website, my parnets were on the website staring at a picture of 7 week old Happy. they were in love with her, thought she would be perfect, when I looked at all the puppys I liked her as well, my mom said that she would take me up to the breeders after dance that night. I met all the puppys and Happy was the sweetest, she crawled right into my lap a took a nap, she was also nice and submissive which my mom wanted for my first puppy, particularly since my first pup was a Border Collie. her breeder figered she would exel at Agilty, she didnt think she would be any good at flyball though, which is what she bred for, most of the pups went to people already involved in Flyball, but her litter was quite large for the breed, so there were a few pups that did not have reservations on them. that night Happy came home, and she has been my baby ever since.

however as Happy grew so did her issues, after her rabies shot she bacame very very fearfull, which then turned to fear aggression, she started lunging and snapping at adults, kids, other dogs... I had had her in flyball classes with her breeders club, but didnt hold out much hope, she contantly crossed over to attack the other dogs, she couldent catch the ball if her life depended on it and her times were a measly 5-7 seconds. after a time and several people urging, I retired her from flyball, didnt think she would ever make it anyway. but after seeing a private trainer and helping her over her fear of people and new places and such I took her to a cancelled practice with another lady in the club and her dog Rigs, this lady had wanted to get Happy but her husband said no lol. well Happy and Rigs we best buds from the start, we raced them against eachother and wouldent ya know.. Happy realized it was a RACE. she never crossed to the other lane again, she rarely dropped the ball anymore, and her times dropped to 4.0 seconds, judges who had seen her previously and thought she was hopeless were suddenly looking at her like "wow! is that the same dog?" toward the end of her flyball career she was running 3.8 second times placing her amung the fastest around.

when she was 4 years old I took her herding for the first time, her breeder thought she would be usless as her sir has squat herding instinct, and all her dam has ever had in an instinct test. I didnt even think she would be able to do it, because from what I had seen when she was turned on she frize up, she didnt move just stared. but she shocked me..and all the trainers lol not once did she loose control of the sheep, she not once pinned them against the fence, she not one lost her cool, by her second turn she was driving, doing mini outruns, found her balance, distance downed and could wear the sheep. for those who dont know normally a BC will loose cool their first time on sheep, they just run around like fools chasing the sheep, or pinning them in cornors, this is why they are normally started in a small round pen.

Happy is the smartest most amazing dog I have ever met, she is truly a jack of all trades and master of all, this dog exels at everything she tries no matter the odds againt her.










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Happy Birthday, Happy!

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Happy Birthday, Happy!!

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Happy birthday, Happy!! You are a gorgeous, multi-talented dog, and I hope you enjoy your birthday!

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Happy Happy Birthday to Happy!!! :)
Have a great day!

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Happy Birthday Happy!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Happy!