View Full Version : Powder Puff Race for the Cure

10-26-2006, 11:30 PM
I know there's not many motorsport threads around here, but I'm a sucker for any kind of racing. Desert racing is huge out here and one of the most unique events took place 10/14. The first ever Powder Puff Race! Many of the desert teams changed up and had their wives, girlfriends, and other female racers with their own teams come out to raise money for breast cancer research. They raised 51k dollars and I'm sure this race will be back next year with even more teams. I thought this was a great story and the ladies only ran an average 2-6 mph slower than the men. This is one sport where gender does not matter, it's all about skill and guts.

Here's a great write-up of the event:
Desert Dispatch - Power Puff Race (http://www.desertdispatch.com/2006/116100702442001.html)

Here's a couple sites with pictures too. I'm impressed at how hard they ran these cars/trucks/buggies.

SGG Photography (http://sggphotography.com/Picasa/MorePowderPuff2006/index.html)
Photoahead.com (http://www.photoahead.com/more/pp/class.htm)
The last link is sorted by class, so if you're still interested after the article and first pictures take the time to click through these. It will really show what each class of car is like.