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09-28-2006, 01:17 AM
is going out into the forrest and capturing wild animals and putting them in cages. :(

A little town where my parents live keep deer in cages. They've been killed at least two or three times by idiots driving by and shooting them and they've been stolen several times. Normal people would think, 'Hmmmmm. Because of us, we've caused the death of and injury to many, many innocent animals. Let's get rid of the cage." But, the Fish and Game Department always supplies them with more, and is running around right now capturing more deer.

Yesterday, some idiots dragged two of the deer over the top of the high fence :( .

The deer are put in a big cage, right next to the highway. Can you imagine how those beautiful animals feel?

It's sickening.

09-28-2006, 01:30 AM
That's horrible. Why are they kept in cages?

09-28-2006, 01:39 AM
That's horrible. Why are they kept in cages?

I have absolutely no idea. :confused:

09-28-2006, 03:41 AM
they've been stolen several times.

The sickos probably want to go home and boast that they got a kill.

It is upsetting. I have no idea why anyone would cage deers. I would have to investigate that further, especially since they are being supplied with these cages. :confused: I have never heard of such a thing. :(

09-28-2006, 07:06 AM
I can't even begin to see the point as to why they catch them to be caged in the first place. =(

There is a place just outside of my town that has a few deer penned up, but they only take them in because they were orphaned (usually by its mother getting shot).... I find that okay, as most are released again, but catching grown deer just to keep in a cage... its sick.

09-28-2006, 12:04 PM
Yes, it is sick.

The fawns that are born in the cages don't even know what freedom is.

It makes me furious that the Fish and Game Department are ultimately responsible for this because they're the one's who catch the deer. I thought their job was to protect wildlife. :rolleyes:

09-28-2006, 12:19 PM
It is not right, but they could there because they have injuries that prevents them from living a healthy life in the wild. There are also deer farms that use the deer for food sources.

The people that are doing harm to them is not right but there is a chance they could be caged for a reason.

10-04-2006, 03:10 AM
We have animal rights too! If they wanna keep them in caves they better get them back to the wilderness where they belong. It's no way that they'll keep those deers in cages. I pity those deers. They must have felt neglected or punished!


Better give them to me...I'll take good care of them... :(

:( Elle Mayson

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10-05-2006, 04:18 AM
I'm not so sure these deer aren't being rehabilitated or something... up until someone else chooses to step in and commit illegal actions to get to them. I would try to find out the real reason for caging the deer there before I decided that the people doing so were cruel and sadistic.